NPA Urges Parents: Enroll Your Children in School and Discuss Fee Payment Plans

In a bid to address the issue of students being held back due to financial constraints, the National Parents Association (NPA) is urging parents to take their children to school and engage with school principals to discuss feasible fee payment arrangements. The association emphasizes that despite financial challenges, learners should not be kept at home, and parents have the responsibility to collaborate with school heads to find solutions.

Quick Summary

  • NPA’s Advice to Parents: The National Parents Association encourages parents facing financial difficulties to enroll their children in school and engage with principals to discuss payment modalities.
  • Acknowledgment of Financial Struggles: The NPA recognizes that some parents may find it challenging to afford the fees requested by schools but emphasizes that this should not prevent learners from attending school.
  • Government’s Capitation Funds: The association highlights that government capitation funds have been released to schools, and there are provisions to cover students unable to pay fees temporarily.
  • Support for 100% Transition: NPA supports the government’s initiative to achieve a 100% transition to secondary school, emphasizing the importance of not leaving any child behind.

Parents’ Responsibility in Fee Negotiations

David Silas Obuhatsa, the National Chairman of NPA, acknowledges the financial difficulties some parents face in meeting the fees requirements imposed by schools. However, he emphasizes that parents must take proactive steps by enrolling their children in school and engaging with principals to find mutually agreeable solutions for fee payments. Obuhatsa highlights that the government’s clear stance is that learners should not be denied access to education based on financial constraints.

Government’s Mop-Up and Capitation Funds

NPA aligns with the government’s efforts to ensure a hundred percent transition to secondary school. Obuhatsa points out that government capitation funds have been released to schools, providing a financial buffer for those families temporarily unable to pay fees. The association urges parents to leverage these funds and collaborate with school authorities to facilitate their children’s education.

Addressing Low Transition Rates

Reports indicate that approximately 131,854 learners expected to transition to Form One have not yet reported to secondary schools. The Ministry of Education’s data reveals that out of the 1.4 million students who sat the 2023 KCPE, only a portion had reported as of January 26, 2024. NPA’s stance aligns with the urgency to address this situation and ensure that every child has the opportunity to receive an education.

Final Thoughts

The NPA’s advice serves as a call to action for parents facing financial challenges. By initiating discussions with school principals and utilizing available government funds, parents can contribute to the realization of a 100% transition to secondary school. The collaborative efforts of parents and schools are crucial in ensuring that no child is left behind due to financial constraints, fostering a commitment to accessible and inclusive education for all.


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