Nairobi County Government Partners with National Government for Exciting School Feeding Program

The Nairobi County Government and the National Government have joined hands to sign the Intergovernmental Partnership Agreement (IPA) for a super cool School Feeding Program! Oh yeah, it’s a feast of collaboration!

And guess what? Even Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndungu was there to witness the grand signing! It’s like a star-studded event in the education world!

Now, let’s get one thing straight, folks. This collaboration doesn’t mean the National Government is passing the mic to the Nairobi City County Government. No transfers, no power plays – it’s all about working together like a dream team!

The main goal of this agreement is to create a wholesome teaching and learning experience in public primary schools across Nairobi. How? By serving up some delicious school meals, of course! We’re talking about improving the health and nutrition of our young learners. After all, a well-fed mind is a happy mind!

So, what’s the deal with this Agreement? Well, it’s all about setting the terms and understanding between the two parties for the implementation of the school meals program. Think of it as a recipe for success!

But hold up! This collaboration doesn’t mean they’ll be stepping on each other’s toes. Nope! The Nairobi City County Government and the National Government will dance to their own tunes, respecting each other’s constitutional and statutory roles. It’s all about teamwork, baby!

So, let’s raise our lunch trays to this fantastic Intergovernmental Partnership Agreement! It’s a win-win situation, and our little learners will surely benefit from this nourishing alliance. Good food, good vibes, and good education – that’s the way to go! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, and let’s keep supporting the growth of education in our beautiful country! Cheers! 🎉🥳


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