Siyad Mathematics Contest Brings Thrilling Academic Showdown in Wajir!

Math whizzes and problem-solving enthusiasts! Hold on to your calculators because the Siyad Mathematics Contest in Wajir just wrapped up, and it was an electrifying battle of numbers! This amazing event brought together 26 schools from the county, all vying for the top spot in this brain-teasing extravaganza.

Now, you might be wondering who’s the mastermind behind this educational showdown? It’s none other than the Siyad Foundation, brainchild of the philanthropist and all-around good guy, Siyad Hassan, also known as the legendary Haji Siyad. This man knows that inter-school contests like these are not just about crunching numbers; they’re about boosting academic standards, encouraging teamwork, and igniting a passion for learning!

Siyad himself was thrilled about the event, stating, “These contests help students build confidence, improve public speaking skills, and even learn how to work under pressure. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun! Who said math can’t be exciting, right?”

The winner of this epic mathematics showdown was none other than Ahmed Liban Secondary School, showcasing their impressive math prowess. Waberi Mixed Day Secondary secured an awesome second place with a stellar 60% score, and Wajir High School snagged the third spot. Kudos to all the participating schools for giving their best and showing off their problem-solving chops!

In a region where mathematics is sometimes seen as a tough nut to crack, contests like these play a crucial role in boosting students’ confidence and helping them conquer their math fears. Siyad Foundation coordinator, Adan Nur Mohamed, assured everyone that their support for education in Wajir is here to stay.

He stated, “As Siyad Foundation, we’ll keep playing our part in supporting education and co-curriculum activities. We’re always here to support our amazing students!” Bravo, Siyad Foundation, for being the educational champions Wajir needs!

But that’s not all! Siyad Hassan is also the mastermind behind the Siyad Soccer Tournament, which recently brought a wave of excitement to sports fans all over Kenya. This fantastic tournament not only nurtures talent but also acts as a shield against violent extremism, ensuring that our youth have positive outlets for their passion and energy.

So, here’s to Siyad Hassan, the man making a difference in education and sports in Wajir. With his Foundation’s support, learning and playing are taking center stage, and our future is looking brighter than ever!


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