Nairobi School Rugby Team Gears Up for County Games with Intensive Preparation

Nairobi School’s rugby team is intensifying its preparations ahead of the County Games next month, aiming to secure one of the automatic slots to the National Secondary School Games in April. Under the guidance of Coach Allan Ngige, the team is leaving no stone unturned as they gear up for the upcoming challenges, including participation in two warm-up tournaments and rigorous training sessions.

Quick Summary:

  • Warm-Up Tournaments: Nairobi School’s rugby team will participate in the Lenana Open and Mangu Open tournaments as part of their preparation for the County Games.
  • Assessment of Form and Fitness: Coach Allan Ngige sees the warm-up tournaments as opportunities to assess the team’s form, fitness, and mental preparedness ahead of the main event.
  • Confidence and Ambition: Ngige expresses confidence in his team’s ability to compete with strong opponents such as holders Ofafa Jerich, Dagoretti, and Upper Hill, emphasizing the importance of mental preparation and peak physical condition.
  • Training Regimen: The team, consisting of a 40-man squad, has been training rigorously for the past month and will be trimmed down to 25 players for the County Games.
  • Player Composition: Ngige highlights the team’s composition, comprising a mix of third and fourth formers with some second formers, and anticipates the arrival of new players to further strengthen the squad.

Intensive Preparation and Ambitious Goals

Nairobi School’s rugby team, also known as the “Patch Machine,” is leaving no room for complacency as they prepare for the upcoming County Games. Coach Allan Ngige’s leadership and strategic approach have instilled confidence and ambition within the team, as they aim to make their mark in both the warm-up tournaments and the main event. With a rigorous training regimen and a talented pool of players, Nairobi School is poised to compete at the highest level and challenge for top honors.

Aiming for Excellence on the Field

As Nairobi School’s rugby team continues its preparation, the ultimate goal remains excellence on the field. Despite facing formidable opponents, the team’s determination, discipline, and teamwork will be crucial in achieving success. With Coach Ngige’s guidance and the unwavering support of the school community, Nairobi School’s rugby team is ready to showcase their talent, skill, and passion for the game as they strive for victory in the upcoming tournaments and County Games.


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