CS Machogu Applauds Equity Group Foundation’s Wings To Fly Scholarship Program

Our very own Education Cabinet Secretary, Ezekiel Machogu, is giving a big round of applause to the Equity Group Foundation (EGF) for their incredible Wings to Fly Scholarship Programme. And boy, is it making a difference!

You see, this scholarship program is like a superhero cape for hundreds of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. It swoops in and saves the day, making sure these young minds get access to quality secondary and higher education. Talk about leveling the playing field!

During a courtesy call from the Executive Director of EGF, Dr. James Mwangi, CS Machogu couldn’t help but praise the organization. He raved about how these scholarship recipients are making their mark both locally and internationally, becoming professionals in various fields. It’s like they’ve sprouted wings and soared to new heights!

17,000 students opening the doors to university education, with 3,400 already achieving their academic dreams. That’s some serious brainpower! And guess what? 871 of them have even secured scholarships in the USA, and 218 of those are in the prestigious Ivy Universities. You go, scholars!

EGF is not just stopping at university education. Oh no, they’re going the extra mile. They’ve created a pathway for 14 percent of students who might not meet the minimum university requirements. These go-getters get scholarships for courses at Technical and Vocational Training colleges. It’s all about giving opportunities and options.

Now, the Principal Secretaries, Dr. Belio Kipsang and Dr. Beatrice Muganda Inyangala, were also there to witness the magic unfold. They joined in to thank EGF for their philanthropic spirit and the life-changing impact they’re making.

But you know what’s even more exciting? Dr. Inyangala suggested a brilliant idea. She asked EGF to team up with the government to train instructors. You see, well-trained instructors are like magic wands—they can make a real difference in students’ lives. They’ll provide top-notch training experiences for those diving into Technical and Vocational Training courses. It’s a win-win situation!

So, what’s the secret recipe of this incredible Wings to Fly scholarship program? Well, it’s an ingenious collaboration between Equity Group and the Mastercard Foundation (MCF). Together, they’re spreading their wings and supporting top-performing kids from financially challenged backgrounds. Tuition fees? Covered. Accommodation? Sorted. Books, uniform, pocket money, and transport? Check, check, check, and check! For four whole years of secondary education, these scholars are getting comprehensive support to help them spread their wings and fly high.

In a world where dreams can feel out of reach, EGF is here to remind us that with the right support and opportunities, anything is possible. These students are rewriting their destinies and proving that determination combined with a helping hand can create true transformation.


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