Comprehensive TSC Teacher Reinstatement Process & Requirements Guideline

Are you a teacher in Kenya seeking reinstatement into the Teachers’ Register after a period of removal? The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has established a structured process to facilitate the reinstatement of teachers, ensuring adherence to professional standards.

Part A: Initiating the Reinstatement Process

The journey towards reinstatement commences with the completion of Part A of the application form, available for download below this article. Noteworthy is the requirement that the application should be submitted at least 18 months after removal from the Register.

Submission of Documents

Once Part A is duly filled, submit three copies of the form to the TSC County Director. Alongside the application form, include the following essential documents:

  1. Certificate of Good Conduct: A crucial document to verify your conduct during the period of removal.
  2. Letter of Recommendation from Local Administration: This letter should vouch for your suitability for reinstatement, specifically addressing the offense leading to removal.
  3. Letter of Recommendation from Education Sector Officer: Another letter of recommendation from an education sector officer (Head of Institution or above), emphasizing your suitability for reinstatement, focusing on the offense leading to removal.
  4. Certified Copies: Include certified copies of your National Identity Card, and academic and professional certificates.

Additional Requirements for Different Categories of Removal:

For Teachers De-Registered Under Regulation 141 (a) and (c) of the CORT:

  • Evidence of Completion of Guidance and Counseling Program: Documented evidence of attending and completing a Guidance and Counseling program from a recognized institution.
  • Two References: Provide references from a Local Administrator and a Religious leader.

For Teachers De-Registered on Account of Other Offenses Under Regulation 141 of the CORT:

  • Two References: Present references from a Local Administrator and a Religious leader.
  • Any Other Document Attesting to Moral Fitness: Include any document demonstrating moral fitness for reinstatement, addressing the specific offense leading to removal.

The Reinstatement Process

The TSC meticulously reviews your application and accompanying documents, conducting investigations and assessments to determine your eligibility for reinstatement. Following due process, the TSC will decide to confirm the removal or reinstate your name in the Teachers’ Register.

Important Information to Include in Your Application:

Ensure the following information is included in your application:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Teaching certificate number
  • TSC number
  • Grade
  • Address
  • County and sub-county
  • Last station of work
  • Date of interdiction
  • Discipline case number Include your signature and the date of the application.

Recommendations and Remarks

Recommendations and remarks from relevant authorities are crucial:

  • Sub County Director: Provide name, TSC number, signature, designation, and date of recommendation.
  • T.H.C. County Director: Include similar information as the Sub County Director.

Download Application for Reinstatement Form

Download Application for Reinstatement Form Here


Reinstatement into the Teachers’ Register is attainable by meticulously following the outlined procedures and fulfilling the necessary requirements. The TSC, committed to maintaining professional standards, reviews applications judiciously.

Aspiring teachers seeking reinstatement should ensure accurate completion of the application and inclusion of all required documents. With a successful application, you can confidently resume your teaching career, contributing to the education sector with renewed commitment.


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