Government Encourages Enrollment in Day Secondary Schools Amidst Fee Concerns

Table of contents

Facing financial constraints in sending children to preferred schools due to high fees, the government is advising parents to consider enrolling them in Day Secondary Schools. Jane Njogu, the Director of Education in Nyeri County, highlights the importance of seeking affordable alternatives for well-performing students rather than keeping them at home. This initiative aims to address fee concerns and ensure that no child is left behind in the pursuit of education.

Key Points:

  1. Importance of Day Secondary Schools:
    • The government recommends Day Secondary Schools as affordable alternatives for students facing financial challenges.
    • Emphasis is placed on the misconception that these schools offer quality education, with many achieving impressive results in national exams.
  2. Addressing Financial Challenges:
    • Jane Njogu acknowledges financial challenges hindering students’ education and urges parents to explore affordable options.
    • Elected leaders and individuals, particularly in areas like Tetu, Nyeri Town, Mathira East, and Mathira West, are providing support to economically disadvantaged students pursuing education in Day Secondary Schools.
  3. Support from Lawmakers and Alumni:
    • Lawmakers are stepping in to assist students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in enrolling in Day Secondary Schools.
    • Kagumo High School alumni are offering scholarships to bright students facing financial constraints.
  4. 97 Percent Transition Rate:
    • The county has achieved a 97 percent transition rate from class eight to Form One.
    • Plans for a comprehensive mop-up exercise in all sub-counties, particularly in informal areas, aim to ensure that no eligible child is left behind.
  5. Government’s Nationwide Mop-up Exercise:
    • Launched to guarantee the smooth transition of all class eight candidates from last year to secondary school.
    • Collaboration with the Ministry of Interior to achieve a 100 percent transition rate.
  6. Warning to Parents and Prosecution:
    • Dr. Belio Kipsang warns parents that failing to enroll their children in school could lead to prosecution.
    • Emphasizes the availability of free and fully funded education in government-supported day schools.

Final Thoughts

The government’s encouragement for parents to opt for Day Secondary Schools reflects a commitment to providing affordable and accessible education. By addressing fee concerns, supporting financially challenged students, and emphasizing the quality of education in these institutions, the initiative aims to achieve a 100 percent transition rate and ensure that every child has the opportunity to pursue their education without financial barriers.


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