CS Machogu Launches Probe Into Illegal Fees, Affirms Free Education for Junior Secondary Schools

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has taken decisive action to investigate reports of Junior Secondary Schools imposing fees on parents, despite the clear directive that education at this level should be cost-free. Machogu emphasized the government’s commitment to providing tuition-free education in public Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) and announced the deployment of investigative teams nationwide to scrutinize non-compliance.

The Tuition-Free Policy for Junior Secondary Schools

Machogu stressed that no parent should be compelled to pay any amount to enroll their child in a public JSS institution. He highlighted that a warning was issued, accompanied by a circular instructing County Directors of Education on the tuition-free policy for JSS.

Expressing concern about the reported non-compliance, Machogu stated, “I have assembled a team to traverse the country because there are a few individuals attempting to defy the government’s instruction of no fees at the JSS level.”

Government Allocations and Accountability

The Cabinet Secretary revealed that the government allocated Sh7.6 billion for Junior Secondary Schools, with Sh16 billion directed to secondary schools and Sh4.7 billion to primary schools. Emphasizing his commitment to accountability, Machogu warned against any attempts to exploit parents financially, stating, “If there is anyone who will defy the directive and charge you even a shilling, they will be sent home.”

Personal Involvement in Investigation

Machogu outlined plans to personally lead the investigative team in visiting the 28,000 JSS schools within the next two weeks, ensuring nationwide compliance with the government’s directive. He made it clear that any violation of the directive could result in severe consequences, including dismissal.

Uniform Policy and Affordability

Addressing concerns about additional financial burdens on parents, Machogu stated that parents should not be coerced into purchasing new school uniforms for their JSS learners. He emphasized, “If a parent cannot afford a new uniform, the learner should continue using the Grade 6 uniform until the parent can purchase a new one.”

Inauguration of Gilgil Technical and Vocational College

Machogu made these remarks during the official inauguration of Gilgil Technical and Vocational College in Nakuru County, where he was present with President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. The leaders also inaugurated the Jitume Laboratory within the institution, equipped with twenty computers, a Sh60 million project in collaboration between the Ministry of Education and NG-CDF.


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