Charlene Ruto Empowers Education with Launch of ICT Centre at Simbirir Girls School

Charlene Ruto, the daughter of the President, continues her philanthropic endeavors by supporting Simbirir Girls Secondary School in Marakwet East to establish a fully equipped ICT and Resource Centre. This initiative, aimed at enhancing digital literacy and skills among young girls in the region, reflects Charlene’s commitment to empowering youth through education and technology.

Quick Summary:

  • Philanthropic Initiative: Charlene Ruto collaborates with Simbirir Girls Secondary School to establish a fully equipped ICT and Resource Centre, aiming to enhance digital literacy and skills among young girls in Marakwet East.
  • Support from Partners: Funding support, including state-of-the-art computers and high-speed WiFi, is provided by the State Department of ICT & Digital Economy, facilitated by Principal Secretary John Tanui.
  • Impactful Visit: Charlene’s involvement in the initiative stems from her visit to the school during an anti-FGM campaign in September 2023, where she was inspired by the school’s vision to create a dynamic learning center.
  • Commitment to Empowerment: Charlene emphasizes the importance of empowering youth, uplifting women, and integrating technology into various sectors, including agriculture, to drive positive change and sustainable development.
  • Vision for Agriculture: At the 7th Africa Agri Expo, Charlene underscores the significance of accessible education, gender equality, and technological innovation in agriculture, aiming to inspire a new generation of agricultural leaders.

Empowering Education and Agriculture:

Digital Literacy Initiative:

Charlene’s support for the establishment of the ICT and Resource Centre at Simbirir Girls Secondary School demonstrates her commitment to advancing education through technology. By providing access to state-of-the-art computers and WiFi, the initiative equips young girls with essential digital skills for future success.

Collaborative Partnerships:

The collaboration between Charlene, the State Department of ICT & Digital Economy, and other stakeholders underscores the importance of partnership in driving meaningful change. By leveraging resources and expertise, the initiative maximizes its impact on education and community development.

Youth Empowerment in Agriculture:

Charlene’s advocacy for youth empowerment in agriculture emphasizes the role of education, technology, and gender equality in transforming the sector. By promoting innovation and sustainability, she aims to create opportunities for youth to lead positive change and drive agricultural development.

Gender Equality and Leadership:

Charlene’s recognition of women’s expertise and leadership in agriculture highlights the importance of gender equality in driving inclusive growth. Through policies and initiatives that support women’s empowerment, she envisions a future where women thrive as leaders in agriculture, contributing to sustainable development.


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