TSC to Announce Promotion Results for Over 36,000 Teachers This Week

The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) is set to unveil the promotion results for over 36,000 teachers who underwent interviews last year. This eagerly awaited announcement comes after months of anticipation and reflects TSC’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding educators’ contributions to the education sector.

Quick Summary:

  • Anticipated Announcement: TSC CEO Nancy Macharia confirms that the fate of over 36,000 teachers who underwent promotion interviews will be revealed this week, starting February 26.
  • Promotion Process: Teachers from various education levels, including primary, secondary, and teacher training colleges, were interviewed, with many hoping to advance from stagnated job groups.
  • Delays and Challenges: Despite delays in the promotion process, TSC assures teachers that their applications are being diligently processed, with over 30,000 shortlisted candidates requiring careful consideration.
  • Future Recruitment: Macharia projects the recruitment of 20,000 additional teachers in the next financial year, with an additional 6,000 positions to be advertised in the current fiscal period.
  • Contract Conversion: The commission plans to convert 46,000 contract teachers to permanent and pensionable terms after two years, while recruiting an additional 20,000 teachers on contract this year.

Addressing Teacher Concerns:

Timely Promotions:

The impending announcement of promotion results alleviates concerns among teachers who have awaited advancement opportunities. TSC’s commitment to finalizing the process underscores its recognition of teachers’ dedication and professionalism.

Recruitment Expansion:

Macharia’s announcement of future recruitment initiatives signals TSC’s proactive approach to addressing staffing needs and improving teacher-to-student ratios. By expanding the workforce, TSC aims to enhance the quality of education and alleviate workload pressures on educators.

Stakeholder Engagement:

TSC’s engagement with stakeholders, including teacher unions like KNUT and KUPPET, demonstrates a collaborative approach to addressing sector challenges. The unions’ endorsement of the promotion process reflects consensus on the need for equitable and timely career advancement for teachers.

Fair Compensation:

The call for promoted teachers to receive arrears from the time they qualified underscores the importance of fair compensation and recognition of past service. TSC’s commitment to addressing arrears reflects its acknowledgment of teachers’ rights and contributions to the profession.


The imminent announcement of promotion results by TSC signifies a significant milestone for over 36,000 teachers eagerly awaiting career advancement opportunities. As TSC navigates ongoing recruitment and promotion processes, its efforts to engage stakeholders, address concerns, and uphold fairness and transparency are essential for fostering a supportive and rewarding environment for educators. By recognizing and rewarding teachers’ contributions, TSC reinforces the vital role of educators in shaping the future of Kenya’s education landscape.


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