Nakuru County to Bolster Education with Employment of 159 ECDE Teachers


Nakuru County is set to bolster its education sector with the employment of 159 Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers this year. This initiative, aimed at improving the teacher-student ratio and enhancing education standards, underscores the county government’s commitment to quality education provision.

Quick Summary:

  • Employment Initiative: Nakuru County will hire 159 ECDE teachers to address the teacher-student ratio and enhance education quality.
  • Strategic Measures: The employment drive is part of Nakuru County’s broader strategy to uplift education standards, with a focus on improving infrastructure and ensuring effective learning environments.
  • Commitment to Quality: County Director of Basic Education Peres Mungai emphasizes the importance of providing quality education to learners across all 11 sub-counties.
  • Infrastructure Enhancement: Efforts will be made to install essential learning infrastructure in ECDE centers to support effective teaching and learning.

Advancing Education Standards:

Addressing Teacher Shortages:

The employment of additional ECDE teachers demonstrates Nakuru County’s proactive approach to addressing teacher shortages and improving the teacher-student ratio. By increasing the availability of qualified educators, the county aims to enhance learning outcomes and support the holistic development of young learners.

Infrastructure Investment:

Nakuru County’s commitment to installing essential learning infrastructure underscores its dedication to creating conducive learning environments. By ensuring that ECDE centers have adequate facilities, including classrooms and teaching materials, the county enhances the overall quality of early childhood education.

Stakeholder Appreciation:

During the 17th graduation ceremony at Nakuru Teachers Training College, County Director Peres Mungai expressed gratitude to education stakeholders for their contributions to improving education standards. This recognition highlights the collaborative efforts needed to drive positive change in the education sector.

Sub-County Focus:

With 11 sub-counties under its jurisdiction, Nakuru County emphasizes the importance of equitable education provision across all regions. By ensuring that resources and opportunities are distributed fairly, the county aims to promote inclusivity and accessibility in education.


Nakuru County’s decision to employ 159 ECDE teachers reflects its commitment to enhancing education standards and promoting the well-being of learners. Through strategic initiatives focused on teacher recruitment, infrastructure development, and stakeholder collaboration, the county aims to create a conducive learning environment where every child has the opportunity to thrive. As Nakuru County continues to prioritize education as a catalyst for development, it sets a positive example for other regions striving to improve educational outcomes and nurture future generations.


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