Controversy Strikes Kisii County School Games: Nyabigena and Omwari Disqualified

Oh boy, there’s some drama unfolding in the Kisii county secondary schools football scene! Brace yourselves for this juicy story. The reigning champions, St Joseph’s Nyabigena, have been hit with a disqualification for fielding ineligible players during the county championships. Ouch! But wait, there’s more. The runners-up, St Vincent Omwari, have also faced the same fate for committing similar offenses. Talk about a double whammy!

Geoffrey Nyantika, the secretary of the Kisii county Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association, spilled the beans on this scandal. He confirmed the disqualification and revealed that both schools were found guilty of fielding players who didn’t meet the eligibility criteria. Uh-oh, someone didn’t do their homework properly!

During the county championships, Nyabigena managed to snatch a 1-0 victory over Omwari, clinching the coveted title. But their triumph has now turned into disappointment and embarrassment. Tough luck, fellas!

So, who will be taking their place in the upcoming Nyanza regional games? Well, it’s none other than the third-placed team, Ndonyo Mixed from Etago Sub County. They will be representing the county and battling it out at Maranda School and Nyamira Girls from July 17 to 22. Talk about a surprising twist of fate!

But the story doesn’t end there. Nyantika spilled some more tea by mentioning that the Ministry of Education is considering taking further action against not only Nyabigena and Omwari but also Nyabite Secondary from Nyamache Sub County. Apparently, they are also being accused of fielding ineligible players. Looks like there’s a lot of rule-breaking going on!

Rumors say that these schools might face a two-year ban if found guilty. Yikes! That’s quite a heavy punishment. But hey, rules are rules, and they are meant to be followed, right?

During the county championships, KSSSA Kisii county chairman, Fred Mogaka, expressed his concern about such shenanigans happening in school games. He suggested that instead of punishing the entire school, the individuals responsible should face the consequences. Wise words, Mr. Chairman! After all, it’s unfair to penalize an entire institution for the actions of a few naughty players.

Now, onto the brighter side of things! Ndonyo Mixed, led by the coach Geoffrey Onchomba, who’s been affectionately dubbed “Mourinho,” will be stepping up to fill the void left by Nyabigena in Pool ‘A’ of the regional championships. It’s a tough group, including the regional champions Kisumu Day, St. Mary’s School Yala, and representatives from Migori County. Talk about diving into the deep end!

Coach Onchomba seems confident and undeterred by the late decision. He stated, “We are going to Siaya to compete. Even though this decision has been made late, I think the boys are ready.” That’s the spirit, Coach! With the right mindset, anything is possible.

So there you have it, folks. Kisii county’s football scene has been rocked by the disqualification of Nyabigena and Omwari. It’s a lesson for all aspiring players out there: play fair, follow the rules, and remember, it’s the school games, not the World Cup!


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