DCI Probes Suspected Corrupt Deals at Nakuru Girls High School

Nakuru Girls High School, esteemed for its academic excellence, finds itself under the scrutiny of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) due to allegations of corrupt practices. The investigation revolves around suspected irregularities in procurement deals, where a potential loss of Ksh20 million is implicated. Six companies, allegedly linked to senior staff at the school, are under investigation for potential conflict of interest, raising concerns about adherence to procurement laws.

Quick Summary

  • Nakuru Girls High School faces a DCI investigation over suspected corrupt practices in procurement.
  • Six companies linked to senior staff reportedly awarded tenders in violation of procurement laws.
  • DCI directs the school to freeze tenders pending investigations, while the implicated companies are blacklisted.

The Allegations Unveiled

The DCI is actively probing Nakuru Girls High School regarding allegations of improprieties in the awarding of tenders for the supply of goods and services. The investigation focuses on six companies – Floan Cereals and Shop Items, Flozie Printer of Accessories, Zuprehesh Enterprises, Kanjasa Enterprises, Mytiff Enterprises, and Succa Enterprises – believed to have received tenders between 2020 and 2023. The DCI has barred these companies from conducting further business with the school pending investigations.

DCI’s Action and School’s Response

The DCI, prompted by a whistleblower’s report to Nakuru East Police Station, initiated investigations on October 9, 2023. The subsequent freezing of tenders, as advised in a letter dated December 21, 2023, underscores the gravity of the allegations. Despite the school management’s protest regarding the conduct of the probe, the DCI defended its actions, emphasizing the need for cooperation to ensure a thorough and unbiased investigation.

Whistleblower’s Alert

The investigation was triggered by a whistleblower who reported the matter to Nakuru East Police Station on October 6, 2023. The DCI promptly responded, conducting preliminary investigations and collecting statements from teachers and support staff. This proactive approach reflects the commitment to uncovering the truth and holding those involved accountable.

Contrasting Perspectives

While the DCI pursues the investigation, Nakuru County Director of Education, Victoria Mulili, states that audit reports from both county and regional school auditors have not indicated any malpractice. She encourages those with additional information to come forward for further investigation. The DCI’s decision to allow the school to continue with the tendering process after preliminary investigations reflects an ongoing effort to balance due diligence with the institution’s operational needs.

School’s Academic Excellence Amidst Controversy

Nakuru Girls High School, renowned for its academic achievements, faces a testing period as the allegations unfold. With a remarkable KCSE mean score of 8.5 and over 266 candidates qualifying for university in the last examination, the school’s reputation stands at a crossroads. As investigations progress, the school’s commitment to maintaining its academic standards amid controversy will be closely observed.

Final Thoughts

The investigation into Nakuru Girls High School’s alleged corrupt deals introduces a layer of complexity to the institution’s esteemed reputation. While the DCI pursues a thorough examination of procurement practices, the school’s response and the contrasting views on malpractice underscore the need for a transparent and fair investigation. As this chapter unfolds, the educational community awaits the findings and hopes for a resolution that upholds the integrity of Nakuru Girls High School.


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