Nyamira Politicians Urged to Collaborate on Proposed University Location

In the pursuit of educational development, Nyamira County finds itself at a crossroads as politicians grapple with disagreements over the proposed location of a university. Kisii County Education Board Chairman, Prof Henry Onderi, has called upon these politicians to prioritize the greater good of their community and set aside personal differences. Recognizing the lasting impact of educational institutions, Onderi emphasizes the need for collaborative decision-making to ensure the successful establishment of a university in Nyamira.

Quick Summary

  • Nyamira County politicians face discord over the location of a proposed university.
  • Kisii County Education Board Chairman, Prof Henry Onderi, urges politicians to prioritize community development over personal interests.
  • Onderi emphasizes the long-term impact of educational institutions on communities and encourages positive change.

Putting Education First

Prof Henry Onderi, in response to recent tensions among Nyamira County politicians regarding the university’s location, emphasizes the enduring value of educational institutions. He urges politicians to rise above their differences, highlighting that while political tenures may be transient, learning institutions remain as cornerstones for community nourishment, shaping, and fostering.

Learning from Kisii Town’s Growth

Drawing parallels with the growth of Kisii town due to the presence of a university, Prof Onderi encourages communities to embrace positive change. The transformative impact of educational institutions on local economies and societies underscores the need for unity in decision-making. The chairman advocates for leaving education matters to planning experts to ensure well-thought-out and beneficial outcomes for the community.

Factors Guiding University Location

Prof Onderi, recognizing the practical considerations in establishing a university, emphasizes the need for sufficient space and a robust communication network. These factors, he suggests, should guide planners in determining the most suitable location for the university. By highlighting these essential criteria, Prof Onderi aims to steer the decision-making process towards practical and beneficial outcomes.

Community Call for Leadership Examples

The sentiments expressed by Prof Onderi resonate with the residents of Nyamira, who call for leaders to set positive examples for the greater good. They stress the importance of leaders following the legacy of past figures who prioritized fulfilling the wishes of the people over personal gain. This call for responsible leadership underscores the collective desire for unity and progress in Nyamira County.

Final Thoughts

As Nyamira County navigates the complexities of deciding the location for the proposed university, Prof Henry Onderi’s plea for unity and collaboration is pivotal. The enduring impact of educational institutions on communities reinforces the importance of putting aside political differences for the sake of collective development. The community’s call for leadership to emulate the examples set by predecessors adds weight to the plea for a cooperative and forward-looking approach. In the pursuit of higher education for Nyamira, unity among politicians becomes the cornerstone for a brighter future.


  1. This is the best thing that the government of the day will accord to the people of Nyamira. Nyamira has spacious isolated junks of land in various places including Sironga, Nkoora, Simbauti, Riakimai to mention but a few.
    We have a large parcel of land in the centre of Nyamira town occupied by the police. If the police station can be relocated elsewhere, say Konate or Egesieri then we have ready place for the town campus.


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