Debutants Brace for Tough Battles at Nyanza Term Two Games

The Nyanza region secondary schools’ Term Two Games are just around the corner, and guess what? The debutants have been handed some challenging draws. The highly-anticipated draws were unveiled on Tuesday by the Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA) Nyanza region secretary, Tom Odhiambo, during a meeting at Maranda School. Exciting times ahead, my friends!

Now, let’s talk soccer, shall we? In the boys’ category, Pool ‘A’ is packed with fresh faces. Siaya County champions, Usenge, are the ones to watch out for in this group. They will be going head-to-head against Ndonyo from Kisii, Matutu PAG from Nyamira, and Kisumu’s very own Onjiko School. It’s a clash of the debutants, and they’re all hungry for victory!

Moving on to Pool ‘B,’ the regional champions Kisumu Day are the favorites, no doubt about it. They’ll be battling it out against St. Mary’s Yala, Masara Secondary, and Agoro Sare from Homa Bay County. Expect some fierce competition, folks!

Now, let’s shift gears to the girls’ category. Pool ‘A’ is going to be a showdown of giants. Kobala, a force to be reckoned with, takes the spotlight alongside former East Africa champions, Jera Girls. Joining them in this epic battle are Kerongorori and Gekomoni. It’s a battle of the best, and they’re all vying for the top spot. Pool ‘B’ is no exception, with Nyakach Girls, Agongo, Lwak Girls, and Ratanga ready to give it their all.

Now, rugby fans, get ready for some thrilling action! Defending champions St. Mary’s Yala have a tough road ahead in Pool ‘A.’ They’ll be facing off against Nyabondo and Cardinal Otunga High School, Mosocho. It’s a test of strength and skill, but they’re up for the challenge. In Pool ‘B,’ regional 15’s champions Kisii School, Homa Bay School, and Ambira will go head-to-head, while Pool ‘C’ will witness the battle between former champions Maseno School, St. Paul’s Gekano, and Kanga School.

Let’s not forget about the other sports, my friends! Volleyball enthusiasts, listen up. Sagegi is the favorite in Pool ‘A’ for boys’ volleyball, and they’ll be spiking it out with Raliew, Godbura, and Chulaimbo. In Pool ‘B,’ get ready for Onjiko School, Itumbe, St. Paul’s Gekano, and Nyangoma to showcase their skills.

As for the girls’ volleyball, Nyakongo, Nyakembene, PAG, and Koru Girls will be battling it out in Pool ‘A,’ while Nyakach Girls, Ogande, Sagegi, and Aluor Girls will compete in Pool ‘B.’ It’s going to be a thrilling showdown on the court!

And let’s not forget netball! Pool ‘A’ is all set with Kobala, Ayora, Oyugi Ogango, and Kandaria ready to bring their A-game. Meanwhile, Pool ‘B’ features Obambo, Rirumi, Nyakach, and Nyabera, who are all geared up for some intense netball action.

Basketball fans, listen up! The 3×3 games are going to be epic. In the girls’ category, we have pools ‘A’ to ‘D’ with some top-notch teams ready to hoop it up. For the boys, we’ve got pools ‘A’ to ‘D’ as well, filled with talented players eager to score those baskets.


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