Empowering Thika Youth: Plans Unveiled for an ICT Hub

In a move aimed at fostering digital literacy and providing opportunities for the youth, plans are underway to establish an Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) hub in Thika, Kiambu County. The project, set to be situated along the Thika-Garissa Road in the town’s industrial area, is a collaborative effort between the State Department for ICT, the Parliament, and the local government.

Key Highlights

  • Government Initiative: The initiative is part of a broader government effort to establish ICT hubs in every constituency. Public Works Principal Secretary Joel Arumonyang emphasized the government’s commitment to supporting digital opportunities and projects across the country.
  • Technical Support: The Public Works Department, in collaboration with other government agencies, is providing technical support for various projects, including the construction of affordable houses in every constituency.
  • Ajira Programme: The Ajira Programme, piloted in 2016 by the Ministry of ICT, has played a crucial role in easing access to digital opportunities in the country. The government aims to introduce ICT skills to the youth at an early age, fostering innovation and creating a tech-savvy workforce.
  • ICT Skills for Youth: The ICT hub project is expected to provide job opportunities for hundreds of youth in Thika. The center’s capacity is projected to accommodate between 300 and 500 people, contributing to skills development and employment in the region.

Government’s Vision

Public Works PS Arumonyang highlighted the significance of instilling innovation and technological capabilities in citizens, envisioning a more technologically vibrant generation in the coming years. The government’s focus on digital literacy is seen as a pathway to positioning Kenya as a leading hub for technology and innovation.

Local Impact

Thika Town MP Alice Ng’ang’a expressed gratitude for the approval and funding of the ICT hub project, anticipating positive outcomes for the community. The initiative not only promises to empower the youth with valuable skills but also offers a potential boost to the local economy through job creation and technological advancements.

Final Thoughts

The rollout of the ICT hub in Thika reflects the government’s commitment to leveraging technology for socio-economic development. By providing access to digital opportunities and fostering innovation, the initiative aims to equip the youth with the skills needed to thrive in the digital era. As the construction kicks off, the project is poised to make a lasting impact on Thika and contribute to Kenya’s journey toward becoming a technological powerhouse.


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