Kisii School Celebrates 90 Years with a Triumph in Sports Extravaganza

Kisii National School marked a significant milestone, celebrating nine decades of educational excellence and camaraderie. To commemorate this historic occasion, the school hosted a vibrant sports tournament that brought together various schools in a spirited competition across multiple sporting disciplines, including rugby, soccer, handball, and badminton.

Quick Summary

  • Kisii National School, in its 90th-anniversary celebration, organized a sports tournament featuring rugby, soccer, handball, and badminton.
  • The rugby competition, particularly popular, witnessed intense matches involving schools such as Kibabii, Kifaru RFC, Itierio, Cardinal Otunga Mosocho, Enkinda, and Nyabigena High.
  • Kisii National School’s rugby team emerged triumphant, defeating Cardinal Otunga Mosocho 47-0 in the finals.

The Tournament Unveiled

The atmosphere at Kisii National School was electrifying as the rugby tournament unfolded, attracting enthusiastic participants from various schools. Teams, including Kibabii, Kifaru RFC, Itierio, Cardinal Otunga Mosocho, Enkinda, and Nyabigena High, showcased their prowess in the fiercely contested matches.

In the finals, Kisii National School’s rugby team demonstrated exceptional skill and determination, securing a resounding victory with a scoreline of 47-0 against Cardinal Otunga Mosocho. This triumph marked the school’s crowning as champions in the inaugural edition of the tournament, a fitting celebration of its 90 years of educational legacy.

Dominance in Preliminaries

The journey to victory was paved with stellar performances during the preliminaries. Kisii National School’s rugby team faced formidable opponents, beginning with a 22-0 win against Kibabii. The momentum continued as they triumphed over Itiero with a commanding 36-0 victory.

Undeterred, Kifaru RFC entered the fray, only to face a formidable Kisii National School team that sent them packing with an 18-0 scoreline. The dominance continued in the clash against Nyabigena Boys, culminating in a convincing 36-0 win.

Coaches’ Perspectives

Lee Arstone, the coach of Kisii National School’s rugby team, expressed satisfaction with his players’ performances. He emphasized the tournament’s significance in gauging the team’s readiness for upcoming competitions in the sports calendar.

“The boys have shown their prowess and beaten Cardinal Otunga High School, but ours is not to be overconfident and settle although my boys looked too strong against the Cardinals,” Arstone commented.

On the other side, Cardinal Otunga Mosocho’s coach, Bukky Onduso, remained optimistic despite the defeat, expressing confidence in his team’s ability to bounce back and perform admirably in future competitions.

Final Thoughts

As Kisii National School revels in the glory of its 90 years of existence, the sports tournament stands out as a testament to the school’s commitment to holistic development. The triumph in rugby reflects not only athletic prowess but also the spirit of camaraderie that defines the school’s legacy. This celebration of sportsmanship and competition sets the stage for a promising year ahead, marking Kisii National School’s ongoing journey towards excellence in education and sports.


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