KCB Empowers 16 Bright and Needy Students in Narok with Scholarships

The Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has extended a lifeline to 16 bright yet financially disadvantaged students in Narok County by granting them scholarships. The scholarships, facilitated by the KCB foundation, aim to provide educational opportunities to vulnerable students who may face challenges in affording high school fees. This collaboration with the county government of Narok and other education stakeholders reflects KCB’s commitment to fostering positive change and empowerment within communities.

Bank’s Commitment to Positive Change

Stanley Kirui, the Narok Branch Manager of KCB, highlighted the bank’s dedication to serving as a catalyst for positive change and empowerment. Through the KCB foundation, the bank seeks to enhance the well-being of communities, with education being a key pillar of their social investment. The emphasis is on supporting access to inclusive, equitable, and quality education for all, particularly for those facing financial constraints.

Transformational Impact on Narok County

Expressing his satisfaction, Kirui emphasized the transformative role KCB is playing in the lives of Narok County residents. The bank’s collaboration with various stakeholders underscores its commitment to contributing to the development of the county across different sectors. KCB has earned its status as the most preferred banking partner in Narok County, having consistently supported both the economy and community projects.

Encouragement for Scholarship Beneficiaries

Narok town Assistant County Commissioner, Ali Shakur, addressed the scholarship beneficiaries during the flagging-off ceremony. He encouraged the students to seize the opportunity provided by the fully sponsored education to excel academically and become professionals who can contribute to the development of the county. Shakur emphasized the importance of hard work and commitment to making their parents, guardians, and the entire county proud.

Ongoing Support and Accountability:

Stanley Kirui assured the community that KCB remains committed to supporting deserving students from vulnerable and marginalized families. This pledge reinforces the bank’s long-term commitment to educational empowerment. Additionally, Assistant County Commissioner Ali Shakur emphasized the importance of ongoing follow-ups on scholarship recipients to ensure their academic success. Parents were urged to take an active role in nurturing and protecting their children from retrogressive cultural practices, such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).


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