Machakos Governor Launches ‘Maziwa Ya Mama’: A Revolutionary Initiative for ECDE Children

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has inaugurated a unique project named ‘Maziwa ya mama’ (Mother’s Milk), offering free school milk for Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) centers in Machakos County. The initiative, coined as “feeding the future,” aims to enhance the health, nutrition, and overall well-being of children, demonstrating a commitment to education and child welfare.

Governor’s Vision for Child Development

Governor Wavinya Ndeti, addressing the audience at Kyemutheke Primary in Machakos County during the launch, emphasized that ‘Maziwa ya mama’ is not merely a milk distribution program but a holistic effort to feed, energize, and uplift the health of young learners. The initiative is anticipated to play a pivotal role in increasing enrollment, fostering better nutrition, and promoting the overall health of children attending ECDE centers across Machakos.

Impact on School Retention and Malnutrition Prevention

Governor Wavinya highlighted that the provision of free milk serves a dual purpose by not only retaining children in school but also acting as a preventive measure against malnutrition, particularly among those from vulnerable families. By offering milk twice a week at no cost to parents, the initiative addresses economic barriers and ensures that every child has access to this nutritional benefit.

Guidelines for Caregivers and Teachers

To guarantee the success of ‘Maziwa ya mama,’ caregivers and teachers in ECDE centers have been entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the milk is not misused for personal gain. The Governor emphasized the importance of proper storage to prevent contamination, prioritizing the health and safety of the children. This directive underscores the commitment to maintaining the integrity of the initiative and ensuring it fulfills its intended purpose.

Economic Empowerment for Dairy Farmers

Governor Wavinya celebrated the economic impact of the ‘Maziwa ya mama’ project on local dairy farmers. By sourcing milk locally, the initiative contributes to increased earnings for dairy farmers, aligning with the broader development agenda of ‘chakula mezani pesa mfukoni’ (food on the table, money in the pocket). The project not only supports the dairy industry but also creates employment opportunities for the local population.

Spurring Economic Growth and Business Opportunities:

The ‘Maziwa ya mama’ project extends beyond the educational realm, positively affecting the economic landscape of Machakos. It has not only increased employment opportunities for residents but has also opened up business prospects for investors in the transport sector, who will be involved in the seamless delivery of milk across the county.


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