Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani Encourages Youth to Harness Their Talents

We have some exciting news coming from Kwale County. Governor Fatuma Achani recently called upon the youth in the region to unleash their talents and use them as a pathway to earn a decent income while bringing pride to our coastal county.

During her visit to the state-of-the-art audio-visual recording studios at the Kwale Cultural Centre, Governor Achani emphasized the importance of pursuing dreams and overcoming challenges for the youth with God-given talents.

She urged the young people to identify their potential and talents such as tech talents, arts etc, emphasizing their positive use for the socio-economic development of the county. And guess what? The county government has invested a whopping Sh14 million to set up this fantastic facility, aiming to promote talents and empower more youths through music.

Governor Achani acknowledged that the youth are the driving force behind the county’s progress and emphasized the significance of their role in making Kwale great. She encouraged them to use music as an alternative to crime, gangsterism, and substance abuse.

“Our modern studio is here to help local youth explore their potential in the arts industry, which includes music, dance, drama, and poetry,” she proudly declared. The county government has placed great emphasis on youth development and empowerment programs, demonstrating their commitment to nurturing talent.

Achani recognized the power of music as a critical tool for youth development, stressing that her administration is dedicated to supporting young people in their pursuit of performing and creating musical content. The long-term goal is to create opportunities for our youth in the entertainment industry.

Governor Achani is determined to prioritize the utilization of youth talent and energy in nation-building. Her administration is working on strategies to create an enabling environment for youth empowerment, fostering self-reliance among the local youth.

On another note, Governor Achani assured residents that her administration will strengthen cultural and traditional heritage in the county. She encouraged everyone to cherish and preserve the customs and traditions passed down by our forefathers.

During a cultural event in Chivyogo village, Matuga sub-county, the governor joined the Jipange Kayamba Group and highlighted the importance of learning from each other through our diverse cultural backgrounds.

In line with this commitment, Governor Achani stressed that tourism and culture will be given top priority, harnessing the richness of our diverse local cultures.


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