Nakuru County and Moran Publishers Collaborate to Enhance ECDE Teacher Training

In a bid to bolster early childhood education (ECD) in Nakuru County, the county government has partnered with Moran Publishers to implement a comprehensive training program for Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment to equipping educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage classrooms, adhere to the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) guidelines, and lay a strong foundation for young learners.

Quick Summary:

  • Nakuru County Government, in collaboration with Moran Publishers, launches a training program for ECDE teachers to enhance classroom management skills and align with CBC guidelines.
  • The initiative aims to ensure quality education and promote lifelong learning for children aged conception to eight years old.
  • County officials emphasize the importance of early childhood education in fostering cognitive, social, and creative development in young learners.

Fostering Effective Teaching Practices:

The training program seeks to equip ECDE teachers with effective classroom management techniques tailored to the unique needs of early learners. By aligning with CBC guidelines and adhering to Ministry of Education requirements, educators can create engaging and interactive learning environments that promote holistic development and academic success.

Commitment to Quality Education:

Nakuru County’s commitment to training all ECDE teachers underscores its dedication to providing quality education for young learners. By investing in teacher professional development, the county aims to enhance access, equity, and service delivery in early childhood education, setting the stage for lifelong learning and achievement.

Promoting Holistic Development:

The ECDE training program goes beyond academic instruction to encompass holistic development, including cognitive, social, and creative skills. By exposing children to diverse arts, activities, and play-based learning experiences, educators can stimulate young minds, foster creativity, and instill positive interaction and teamwork skills from an early age.

Potential Impact:

The collaboration between Nakuru County and Moran Publishers holds significant potential for transformative impact:

  • Enhanced Teaching Quality: By providing ECDE teachers with training materials and certificates, the program elevates teaching quality and effectiveness, ultimately benefiting young learners and improving educational outcomes.
  • Early Childhood Development: Through early childhood education, children gain essential cognitive, social, and creative skills that lay the foundation for lifelong learning and success in school and beyond.
  • Community Engagement: By emphasizing the importance of parental involvement and enrollment in ECDE programs, the initiative fosters community engagement and support for early childhood education, promoting a culture of learning and development.


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