Pay Boom For Promoted Teachers As TSC Release Salaries

The recent release of salaries by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) brings forth a wave of excitement for promoted teachers across the country. Here’s a closer look at the developments:


  • TSC, mandated with crucial oversight of the teaching profession, conducted interviews in recent months to identify qualified tutors eligible for promotions.
  • Acting school managers and teachers with substantial experience in their roles were among those earmarked for promotion, following interview guidelines favoring acting experience.

Pay Adjustments:

Salary Adjustments:

  • B5 to C1: Basic salary ranges from KSH 28,491 to KSH 35,614.
  • C1 to C2: Basic salary increases to between KSH 36,621 and KSH 45,776.
  • C2 to C3: Earn between KSH 44,412 and KSH 56,514.
  • C3 to C4: Basic salary range of KSH 42,305 to KSH 67,220.
  • C4 to C5: Basic pay up to a maximum of KSH 78,687.
  • Certain job groups, like C2 to C3 for graduate teachers, may see automatic promotions.

Future Prospects:

  • Teachers missing out on promotions will receive regret letters but are encouraged to try again during future Commission advertisements.
  • While unions welcome the move, concerns persist regarding the number of teachers in various job groups without advancement opportunities.


The release of salaries marks a significant milestone for promoted teachers, reflecting TSC’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding merit within the profession. As educators celebrate their achievements, ongoing efforts are needed to address challenges and ensure equitable professional growth for all teachers in Kenya.


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