Taita Taveta Empowers 100 Needy Students with Ksh12 Million Scholarships for Form One Entry

In a generous initiative to support education and alleviate financial burdens for families, Taita Taveta County Governor Andrew Mwadime has presented scholarship cheques totaling Ksh12 million to 100 students embarking on their Form One journey. The ceremony took place at Taita Academy grounds in Mwatate Sub-county, where Governor Mwadime emphasized the importance of increased government allocation to the county to sustain various programs.

Limited Financial Resources, Significant Impact

Governor Mwadime acknowledged the financial challenges faced by less privileged families, making education inaccessible to many. He expressed gratitude for the high number of scholarship applications received, even though limited resources allowed them to select only 100 beneficiaries. The governor’s call for increased government support reflects a commitment to expanding educational opportunities for deserving students in Taita Taveta County.

Parental Responsibilities and Ongoing Support

While highlighting the significance of government scholarships, Governor Mwadime urged parents to remain actively involved in their children’s education. He emphasized the importance of parental moral support, guidance on behavior, and the provision of basic needs, urging parents not to abdicate their responsibilities even when their children receive scholarships.

Deputy Governor Christine Kilalo echoed these sentiments and assured parents of additional bursaries in the future. Despite financial constraints limiting the number of scholarship recipients, Kilalo emphasized the availability of ongoing opportunities through NG-CDF bursaries and scholarships.

Comprehensive Scholarship Packages

Beyond covering school fees, the scholarship program provided students with essential items, including uniforms, blankets, mattresses, shoes, and metal boxes. This comprehensive approach aims to address various needs, ensuring that students are adequately equipped for a successful academic journey.

Long-term Commitment to Education

Since the inception of the scholarship program, a total of 671 students have benefited, reflecting the county’s ongoing commitment to fostering education and supporting the academic aspirations of its youth. In parallel with the scholarship announcement, Governor Mwadime also confirmed the Permanent and Pensionable (P&P) terms for 150 Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers and 60 Vocational Training Center (VTC) instructors, further solidifying the county’s dedication to long-term educational development.


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