Kiwimbi Library and ARS Forensics Limited Partner to Foster Self-Reliance in Busia

Kiwimbi Library, situated in Busia, has entered into a strategic partnership with the Zimbabwean forensic auditing firm, ARS Forensics Limited. This collaboration aims to implement a program that empowers the Kiwimbi community to generate income through agricultural initiatives. The program’s focus will be on supporting less privileged children, women, men, and educational institutions, with an initial emphasis on piggery and poultry farming.

ARS Forensics Limited CEO’s Commitment

Alec Kaguru, CEO of ARS Forensics Limited, shared details of the partnership after touring various departments of Kiwimbi Library. Kaguru highlighted that the program will benefit less privileged individuals and learning institutions, with a specific focus on piggery and poultry farming. He mentioned that ARS will provide pure breeds, with beneficiaries tasked only with constructing pig houses. Additionally, Kaguru committed to providing free training on artificial insemination (AI) and stock feed manufacturing.

For poultry farming, Kaguru pledged to donate grinding mills and incubators, with program participants responsible for building poultry houses. The benefits of the piggery and poultry programs will extend to schools, contributing to their sustainability and potentially making education more accessible.

In an environmentally conscious move, Kaguru mentioned that waste from the pigs will be utilized to generate a biogas digester. This will not only provide cooking facilities for homes and schools but also contribute to climate change mitigation measures.

Educational Sponsorship and Library Achievements

Professor Olubayi Olubayi, the library’s patron, announced that Kiwimbi Library will sponsor two vulnerable children, Dedan Omuchele and Shadron Ichuma, through their secondary education. Both students, having read an impressive number of books at the library, have joined SA Kolanya Boys High School.

Omuchele revealed that he read a total of 432 books in one year at Kiwimbi Library before sitting for his KCPE, while Ichuma read a total of 314 books. Robert Ikedi, the manager of Kiwimbi Library, shared his success story, emphasizing that his achievements were the result of reading over 4000 books since the library opened its doors to the public in 2012.

The partnership between Kiwimbi Library and ARS Forensics Limited not only focuses on community empowerment through agriculture but also exemplifies the library’s commitment to supporting education and fostering a culture of reading and learning.


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