Taraji Afrika Educational Group Unveils Two Dynamic Brands

In a significant evolution, the Taraji Afrika Educational Group (TAEG) has undergone a transformative rebranding, introducing two distinct schools that will offer a competency-based curriculum and the prestigious Cambridge curriculum. The group will now operate as Brookside International Schools and Taraji Afrika Academy Schools, marking a strategic move towards a more unified and structured educational framework.

Quick Summary:

  • Rebranding Initiative: TAEG, led by CEO/Founder Ms. Prisca Muyodi, has rebranded to operate as Brookside International Schools and Taraji Afrika Academy Schools.
  • Unified Structure: The rebranding aims to consolidate institutions, bringing Cambridge curriculum schools under Brookside International Schools and Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) schools under the Taraji Afrika Academy Schools brand.
  • Educational Offerings: Brookside International Schools will focus on delivering the Cambridge curriculum, with campuses in Westlands and Redhill, Limuru. Taraji Afrika Academy Schools, offering the CBC curriculum, will be located in Mountain View, Nairobi, and JICA Estate, Kitui.
  • Foundational Growth: TAEG, formerly known as Educor, has been operational since 2010. Starting as a Montessori center, it has evolved to provide both Primary and Secondary education.

Vision for Excellence, Growth, and Innovation

Ms. Prisca Muyodi emphasized that the rebranding goes beyond a visual transformation, serving as a reflection of the school’s commitment to excellence, growth, and innovation. The initiative seeks to create a more cohesive and future-oriented brand identity that resonates with the school community and adapts to the changing landscape of education in Kenya.

Strategic Organization for Enhanced Focus

The decision to organize schools under distinct brands, each catering to specific curricula, aligns with the educational landscape’s diverse needs. Brookside International Schools, offering the Cambridge curriculum, and Taraji Afrika Academy Schools, providing the CBC curriculum, symbolize a strategic approach to meet varied educational requirements.

Student Perspectives on Positive Changes

The excitement expressed by a 10-year-old student from Brookside International School, Westlands, reflects the positive reception of the changes. The acknowledgment that the institution will now cater not only to preparatory students but also to secondary and nursery students signifies a broader and more inclusive educational scope.


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