Tragic Murder of High School Watchman in Thika: Thieves Steal Laptops in Violent Robbery

In a tragic incident, a night guard was brutally murdered, and his colleague sustained serious head injuries during a violent robbery at Karibaribi Secondary School in Thika. The thieves invaded the school and stole 16 laptops in the gruesome incident that took place on Wednesday night.

Incident Details

  • Perpetrators: A gang of six thugs armed with machetes carried out the attack, ambushing the guards and breaking into the administration block.
  • Fatal Consequences: The assailants, who appeared unhurried, killed one of the guards during the robbery.
  • Looting: The primary target of the thieves was the theft of 16 laptops from the school.
  • Proximity to Police Station: Karibaribi Secondary School is located approximately 100 meters away from Karibaribi Police Station, raising concerns among residents and the school community regarding the response time of law enforcement.

Community and School Reaction

  • Faulting Law Enforcement: The Board of Management (BOM) chairman, Hosea Irungu, criticized the police for what is perceived as a delayed response, stating that the thugs executed their mission without swift police intervention.
  • Family’s Appeal: The widow of the murdered guard, Serah Musa, made a heartfelt appeal to the government to bring her husband’s killers to justice. She highlighted that her husband worked during the day at a sister school and took on the night watchman role to provide for their five children. The deceased was the sole breadwinner for the family.
  • Police Action: In a related incident, two suspected thugs were shot dead by a police officer as they attempted to break into his house in a nearby estate. Two accomplices managed to escape with gunshot wounds.


The tragic incident underscores the vulnerability of educational institutions to criminal activities and raises concerns about the effectiveness of local law enforcement. The community and the affected family are grappling with the loss of a loved one, and there are calls for swift action to apprehend the perpetrators and enhance security measures in the area.


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