TSC Warns Against Hostility Towards Teachers and Announces 17 New Postings at St Gabriel Isongo Secondary School

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The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has issued a warning against hostility towards teachers, emphasizing the sacredness of their lives. This statement comes after the transfer of 17 teachers from St Gabriel Isongo Secondary School due to security concerns. TSC Chairperson Nancy Macharia addressed the media alongside MPs from the Western region, emphasizing the importance of teacher safety and the collaborative efforts needed for quality education.

Key Points

  1. Teacher Safety and Insecurity:
    • TSC Chairperson Nancy Macharia stressed that the Commission considers the lives of all teachers to be sacred.
    • The decision to transfer 17 teachers from St Gabriel Isongo Secondary School was made to protect them from insecurity.
    • The transfer also allows for investigations into the incident and provides an opportunity for local leaders to engage with the community.
  2. Resumption of Learning Activities:
    • Macharia announced the posting of 17 new teachers to the school to ensure the resumption of all learning activities with immediate effect.
    • The teachers are urged to report to the institution promptly.
  3. Community Collaboration:
    • Macharia called on the community to work collaboratively with the newly posted teachers to ensure the school’s performance aligns with expectations.
    • Emphasized that blaming teachers alone for examination results is unfair, as results are a cumulative effort of all education stakeholders, including parents.
  4. Performance Appraisal:
  5. Apologies and Sensitization Programs:
    • MPs from the Western region, including Malava MP Emmanuel Wangwe, issued apologies to the Principal of St Gabriel Isongo Secondary School, TSC, and the people of Kenya over the unfortunate incident.
    • Political leadership in Kakamega County plans to conduct sensitization programs to educate the community on proper channels for raising grievances.
    • The Board of Management (BoM) and the school’s sponsor, the Catholic Church, expressed apologies and committed to collaborating with security agencies to ensure teacher safety.
  6. Review of Investigation Report:
    • The BoM commits to reviewing the investigation report prepared by the Minister of Education and TSC and taking remedial action as recommended by the report.


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