TSC Considers Internship Program as a New Requirement for Teacher Registration

In a recent announcement, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is contemplating a significant change in its registration requirements for teachers. Dr. Nancy Macharia, the CEO of TSC, has proposed the introduction of an internship program for teachers seeking registration with the Commission. This potential new requirement aims to ensure that graduate teachers gain practical experience before obtaining their teaching certificates and registration numbers.

The Internship Proposal:

According to Dr. Macharia, graduate teachers would be required to undergo an internship program at an assigned school. Successful completion of this program would then lead to the issuance of a teaching certificate and a registration certificate. The primary objective behind this proposal is to prevent graduate teachers from pursuing alternative professions, such as banking and insurance, before re-entering the teaching profession through TSC recruitment interviews. The move is also seen as a means to level the playing field between fresh graduates and those who have been out of the system for an extended period.

Current Employment Landscape:

This development coincides with TSC’s plan to recruit approximately 87,000 intern teachers to address staffing shortages in public schools. Despite initial opposition from teachers’ unions, the internship program has received approval, marking a shift in the unions’ stance. The potential internship requirement adds a layer to the existing criteria for obtaining a TSC registration certificate.

Existing Registration Requirements:

As of now, teachers seeking registration must provide several documents, including a Certificate of Good Conduct, academic and professional certificates from recognized institutions, a copy of their Identity Card or Passport, a passport photo, KRA Pin Certificate, a duly filled GP 69 Medical Form, and payment of the registration fee.

Potential Impact:

If the internship requirement is implemented, it will join the existing list of prerequisites for obtaining a TSC registration certificate. The move is expected to contribute to the professional development of teachers and may lead to a more equitable recruitment process.


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