TSC Invites Primary School Teachers to Apply for Junior Secondary School Positions

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) announces an opportunity for primary school teachers to apply for positions in Junior Secondary Schools (JSS). With the deadline set for March 8, 2024, eligible teachers serving under permanent and pensionable terms in public primary schools are encouraged to seize this chance to transition to JSS teaching roles, provided they meet the requisite qualifications and criteria.

Quick Summary:

  • Opportunity for Transition: TSC opens its portal for primary school teachers interested in teaching positions in Junior Secondary Schools (JSS), signaling an opportunity for professional growth and career advancement.
  • Application Deadline: The deadline for applications is March 8, 2024, urging eligible teachers to submit their applications within the stipulated timeframe.
  • Qualification Requirements: Applicants must meet specific qualification criteria, including a minimum mean grade of C+ in KCSE, proficiency in two teaching subjects, and at least 8 units in each subject or their equivalent.
  • Career Progression Guidelines: Last year, TSC deployed over 10,000 teachers with higher qualifications to JSS, offering promotions and career progression opportunities based on the Career Progression Guidelines (CPG).
  • Encouraging Transition: The initiative aims to enhance the quality of education in JSS by attracting qualified and experienced teachers from primary schools, thereby enriching the teaching workforce and fostering academic excellence.

Facilitating Professional Development

The invitation for primary school teachers to apply for JSS positions underscores TSC’s commitment to facilitating professional development and career progression within the education sector. By providing opportunities for teachers to transition to higher levels of education, TSC aims to harness their expertise and enhance the quality of teaching and learning in JSS.

Ensuring Quality Education Delivery

With a focus on qualification requirements and career progression guidelines, TSC ensures that only qualified and competent teachers are deployed to JSS positions. By upholding standards of excellence and proficiency, TSC endeavors to safeguard the quality of education delivery in JSS and promote positive learning outcomes for students.

Empowering Teachers for Success

The transition to JSS offers primary school teachers a pathway for personal and professional growth, enabling them to expand their skill sets, explore new teaching environments, and contribute to the holistic development of students. Through this initiative, TSC empowers teachers to thrive in their careers and make meaningful contributions to the education sector.


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