Top-performing Schools in KCSE 2023 With Mean Grade of B Plain and Above

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu unveiled the results of the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) on January 8, 2024. Among the 899,453 candidates who sat for the exams, only 1,216 achieved a remarkable mean grade of A plain. This article focuses on the schools that demonstrated exceptional academic prowess, securing mean grades of B plain and above.

Quick Summary

  • Total Candidates: 899,453
  • A Plain Achievers: 1,216
  • Minimum University Entry (C+): 201,133
  • Mean Grade D+ and Above: 526,222
  • Mean Grade E: 48,174

Top-performing Schools

Certainly! Here’s an extended table including all the schools mentioned in the original article with a mean grade of B and above:

RankSchoolMean ScoreGrade
1Kapsabet Boys’10.2A
2Kenya High9.948B+
3Chemelil Sugar Academy9.89B+
4St Anthony’s Boys’ Kitale9.845B+
5St Peter’s Abwao9.746B+
6Maranda High9.578B+
7Maseno School9.543B+
8Loreto High School Limuru9.54B+
9Friends’ School Kamusinga9.365B
10Tenwek High School9.334B
11Lugulu Girls’9.329B
12Kagumo High9.306B
13Orero High School9.289B
14Baricho Boys’9.274B
15Mbita School9.2689B
16Tulwo Girls’ High School9.250B
17Kisasi Secondary9.2152B
18Kanga School9.206B
19Butere Girls’9.17B
20St. Anne’s Muthale Girls’9.063B
21Kisii School8.95B
22St Charles Lwanga8.95B
23Meru School8.9219B
24Kitui School8.90625B
25St Mary’s Girls’ Igoji8.8392B
26Oyugi Ogango Girls’8.817B
27Materi Girls’ Centre8.715B
28Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls’8.7014B
29AIC Sombe8.66B
30Chogoria Girls8.6520B
31St Peter’s Mumias Boys8.533B
32Our Lady of Mercy Rangenyo Girls’8.04B
This comprehensive table of top-performing schools with mean grade of B plain and above

Noteworthy Achievements

  • Kapsabet Boys’ leads with an exceptional mean score of 10.2, securing the coveted grade A.
  • These top-performing schools exhibit consistency in achieving high mean grades, emphasizing their commitment to academic excellence.

Final Thoughts

The outstanding performance of these schools in the 2023 KCSE results reflects not only the academic prowess of the students but also the dedication and effectiveness of the teaching staff. As these institutions continue to set the bar high, they serve as benchmarks for educational excellence in Kenya, inspiring other schools to strive for similar levels of achievement. The pursuit of knowledge and academic success remains a cornerstone in shaping the future of the nation.


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