TSC Takes Strict Measures as Over 100,000 Teachers Fail to Declare Wealth

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has identified and listed the names of over one hundred thousand teachers who have not complied with the directive to declare their wealth. This revelation has prompted the TSC to issue a stern warning, indicating that these teachers could face severe penalties if they fail to provide details of their income, assets, and liabilities within the specified timeframe.

Key points regarding the situation:

  1. Magnitude of Non-Compliance:
    • The Commission has compiled a list of teachers who have not declared their wealth, emphasizing the significant scale of non-compliance.
  2. Compliance List:
    • In addition to the non-compliance list, TSC has also prepared a separate excel sheet containing names of teachers who have adhered to the declaration requirement.
  3. Warning and Potential Penalties:
    • Teachers failing to declare their wealth may face severe penalties, as highlighted by the TSC.
    • The Commission has emphasized the importance of providing accurate information and the consequences of giving false or misleading details.
  4. Low Declaration Rate by November 30, 2023:
    • The Commission expressed concern when, as of November 30, 2023, only thirty percent of teachers had completed the wealth declaration process.
  5. Directive to County Directors:
    • TSC Director of Administrative Functions, Ibrahim Mumin, issued a memo to County Directors on December 1, 2023, instructing them to implement immediate measures to ensure more teachers declare their wealth.
    • County Directors were directed to conduct aggressive campaigns using various communication channels to remind teachers and secretariat staff to make their submissions promptly.
  6. Digitalization of Wealth Declaration:
  7. Legal Basis for Wealth Declaration:
    • The requirement for teachers to declare their income, assets, and liabilities is anchored in Sections 26 and 27 of the Public Officer Ethics Act (POEA).
    • Public Officers, including teachers, are mandated to declare their financial details every two years.
  8. Deadline and Consequences:
    • The circular from TSC set the deadline for online wealth declaration as December 31, 2023, and emphasized that there would be no extensions.
    • Non-compliant teachers face a fine of Kshs 1,000,000 or imprisonment for up to one year upon conviction. Both penalties may be imposed.

As the deadline looms, teachers are urged to adhere to the wealth declaration directive to avoid potential penalties and contribute to fostering transparency and accountability within the education sector. The digitalization of the process aligns with broader efforts to streamline administrative procedures and enhance efficiency within the teaching profession.


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