Streamlining Wealth Declaration for TSC Teachers: A Comprehensive Guide to Online Declarations

Since the enactment of the law in 2003, mandating Public Officers to declare their Income, Assets, and Liabilities (IAL), the process has primarily been manual. However, in a bid to enhance efficiency, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has now introduced an online declaration portal for teachers. This article will guide TSC teachers through the seamless process of declaring their assets, liabilities, and incomes online.

I. The Shift to Online Declaration: Traditionally, the wealth declaration process has been a manual affair. However, TSC has now embraced technology by introducing an online portal. This move is aimed at streamlining the declaration process, making it more accessible and efficient for teachers.

II. Accessing the Online Portal: To declare their wealth online, teachers can visit the Teachers Online Portal at The online Declaration Form can be conveniently filled and submitted through this portal. Importantly, this platform is accessible not only through computers but also through smartphones, ensuring convenience for all teachers.

III. Instruction Manual: To assist teachers in navigating the online declaration process, TSC provides a Wealth Declaration Instruction Manual. This manual can be downloaded from the official TSC website at under the ‘Downloads’ section, located next to the Declaration link. Alternatively, teachers can follow the prompts within the online form after logging in.

IV. Monitoring the Declaration: Heads of Institutions play a crucial role in monitoring the declaration progress within their respective institutions. Non-compliance should be reported promptly, following the guidelines outlined in Part B of the Wealth Declaration Instruction Manual.

V. Additional Information: (a) All teachers employed by TSC, including those on leave, interdiction, suspension, or sick leave, are obligated to declare their Income, Assets, and Liabilities.

(b) Failure to submit a declaration or providing false information carries serious consequences. Teachers may face a fine of Kshs 1,000,000 or imprisonment for up to one year, or both, upon conviction.

(c) It is mandatory for all teachers to have a working email address, essential for setting, accessing, and resetting individual passwords for the Declaration. A copy of the submitted Declaration is automatically sent to the teacher’s email account.

(d) Completing all sections of the declaration is crucial, as incomplete forms will be rejected.


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