Zetech University Shines in Continental Innovation Challenge

Zetech University, a leading Kenyan institution, has made waves by clinching the first runners-up position in the prestigious Africa Telecommunication Union (ATU) Africa Innovation Challenge. This remarkable achievement underscores Zetech’s commitment to advancing technology and fostering inclusive digital solutions that resonate globally.

The Challenge

  • Scope: The challenge, held annually, attracted participation from 26 higher learning institutions across Africa.
  • Objective: It aims to recognize best practices and innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by young ICT innovators in Africa.
  • Winning Institutions:
    • Champion: Veritas University of Abuja, Nigeria.
    • First Runners-up: Zetech University, Kenya.
    • Second Runners-up: BlueCrest College, Sierra Leone.

Zetech’s Achievement

  • Innovation Hub: Zetech University showcased its prowess through its innovation hub, known as Izet hub, which served as a breeding ground for innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Recognition: The university’s outstanding performance earned it a cash prize of Ksh1.5 million, reaffirming its position as a hub of technological excellence.
  • Collaborations: Zetech’s success was attributed to its strong collaborations with industry leaders such as Huawei, Oracle, Cisco, and Microsoft. These partnerships provided invaluable expertise, resources, and access to industry trends.


  • Leadership Acknowledgment: Zetech University Vice Chancellor, Prof Njenga Munene, commended the students and the Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology Development faculty for their exemplary representation.
  • Global Recognition: Prof Munene highlighted Zetech’s dedication to advancing technology and fostering inclusive digital solutions, emphasizing the university’s global impact and recognition.
  • Partnerships: Zetech University is actively partnering with corporate entities like Red Bull Basement, Huawei, Powermax, and Partners for Care to provide entrepreneurial infrastructure and opportunities for students with innovative business ideas.

Future Prospects

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Zetech aims to create a robust network that nurtures students’ innovations and prepares them for the entrepreneurial world.
  • Continuous Innovation: The university remains committed to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, ensuring that its students are well-equipped to address the challenges of the digital age.

Zetech University’s remarkable achievement in the Africa Innovation Challenge serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to technological advancement and innovation, positioning it as a beacon of excellence in the African higher education landscape.


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