Advocacy for Smooth Transition: Ugenya MP Urges School Heads

Ugenya Member of Parliament, David Ochieng’, has called upon school heads to facilitate a seamless transition for pupils moving from Grade 6 to Grade 7 without imposing stringent conditions. Ochieng’ emphasized that learners should be allowed to return to school, even if their parents have not yet fulfilled all the requirements for their readmission into Junior Secondary School (JSS).

The MP’s advocacy is rooted in the desire to achieve a 100 percent transition rate in all schools with JSS sections. He urged school heads not to impose unnecessary demands that could limit or inhibit learners’ access to education. Ochieng’ expressed the importance of prioritizing the continuity of education for all students, ensuring that bureaucratic obstacles do not impede the transition process.

These remarks were made during the launch of the Ugenya Scholarship Programme at Sega Township Primary School, where Ochieng’ reiterated the need for a supportive and inclusive approach in the education system.

Supporting this sentiment, Sihayi Division Assistant County Commissioner, Jonathan Kiptoo, echoed the call for Grade 7 learners who have not yet reported back to school to do so promptly. He directed local chiefs and their assistants to mobilize efforts to ensure that every learner transitions smoothly from Grade 6 to Grade 7.

In related news, Ugenya Sub-county Director of Education, Margaret Odiembo, revealed that all primary schools in the sub-county now have JSS sections. The remaining five schools that had applied for approval were granted the nod, marking a milestone in enhancing educational opportunities for learners in the region.

As stakeholders work towards a seamless transition, the focus remains on providing an inclusive and supportive environment for learners as they progress through their education journey.


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