Analysis of the KNEC Circular on KPSEA 2023 Results

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The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has issued a circular to Sub-County Directors of Education and Heads of Primary Schools regarding the release of feedback reports on the 2023 Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) and Kenya Intermediate Level Education Assessment (KILEA) performance reports. Here is an analysis of the key points in the circular:

Key Points:

  1. Report Availability:
    • KNEC has uploaded feedback reports for the 2023 KPSEA and KILEA onto the KNEC CBA portal.
    • These reports include School Specific Reports and Learner Reports.
  2. Accessing Reports:
    • Headteachers are advised to log onto the CBA portal using the school’s credentials (username and password) to access performance reports for individual learners and performance analysis for the entire school.
    • To access School Specific Reports, schools need to click on the relevant portal (KPSEA or KILEA), select ‘View Report,’ and click on ‘KPSEA School Specific Report’ or ‘KILEA School Specific Report.’
    • To access Individual Learner Performance reports, schools need to click on the relevant portal, select ‘View Report,’ go to ‘Download KPSEA Performance Report’ or ‘Download KILEA Performance Report,’ and enter the Assessment Number of the learner to download the report.
  3. Further Information for Candidates:
    • Candidates whose Individual Learner Reports require additional information from KNEC will receive a notification instructing them to contact KNEC through the provided email ( or the KNEC Call Centre for further details about their results.
  4. Query Submission:
    • All queries arising from the results should be submitted to KNEC in writing through the office of the Sub-County Directors of Education within 30 days.
    • The letter should include the school code and name, assessment number(s) and name of the affected learner(s), the affected Paper/Subject, and contacts through which the Head-teacher can be reached to resolve the query.

Final Thoughts

The circular provides clear instructions for schools on accessing performance reports and handling any queries or concerns regarding the results. It emphasizes the importance of timely communication and submission of queries within the stipulated period. This information is crucial for the effective dissemination of feedback to learners and other stakeholders.


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