Calls for Review as Concerns Arise Over KPSEA Grading System: Parents and Teachers Seek Fairness

The recently unveiled results of the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) have sparked concerns among parents and teachers, prompting calls for a review of the grading system. The focal point of discontent revolves around the 60-40 percentage split between school-based assessments and the national sit-in exam. Parents and teachers argue that this distribution puts rural schools at a disadvantage and creates an unequal impact on student progression.

The Voice of Concerns

Martin Waliaula, the chair of the Parents Association Trans Nzoia branch, highlighted the confusion caused by the assessment formula, resonating among parents, pupils, and teachers. Waliaula proposed the administration of end-year exams in every grade as a potential solution for a smoother transition. He emphasized the importance of fairness and effectiveness in the assessment process.

Calls for Fairness and Effectiveness

In various localities, concerns have been raised regarding the low KPSEA scores, with questions arising about whether the assessment accurately measures competency or introduces additional hurdles for children. A teacher echoed these concerns, advocating for a re-evaluation of the assessment formula by the Ministry of Education. The call for effective school-based support, particularly in underprivileged areas, was emphasized.

Discontent in Meru County

In Meru county, residents expressed disappointment with the KPSEA grading system, with calls for its elimination citing confusion and the absence of proper education structures. The lack of awareness among parents regarding how students are graded was a common theme, with some calling for the scrapping of the exams due to insufficient materials, books, and funding for successful KPSEA implementation.

Technical Challenges in Nyeri County

Joseph Kilafi, the head teacher of Temple Road Primary School in Nyeri county, acknowledged the satisfactory performance of the school’s candidates in the KPSEA results. However, he highlighted technical issues with the system since the results’ release, noting that some results are yet to be downloaded.

Advocating for Transparency and Clarity

As concerns and discontent surface, the collective call from parents and teachers is for transparency and clarity in the KPSEA grading system. The need for a fair and balanced approach that accommodates the diverse educational landscape, particularly in rural areas, remains at the forefront of these calls for review. The Ministry of Education is urged to address these concerns to ensure an equitable and effective assessment process for all students.


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