Embracing Day Schools: CS Machogu’s Call for a Shift in Attitude

In a compelling message to parents across the nation, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu urges a shift in attitude towards day schools as Form 1 students commence their academic journey. Emphasizing that learners in day schools have the potential for excellence comparable to their counterparts in boarding schools, Machogu encourages parents to reconsider their preferences and acknowledge the academic achievements of day school students.

Quick Summary

  • CS Machogu’s Appeal: Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu calls on parents to embrace day schools and recognizes their potential for academic excellence.
  • Performance in Day Schools: Machogu highlights that learners in day schools can achieve outstanding results, even securing A grades in national exams.
  • KCB Foundation Scholarship Event: The CS delivers this message while presiding over the KCB Foundation award ceremony, where 1000 scholarships are granted to deserving learners.

Breaking Stereotypes: Day Schools and Academic Success

Machogu challenges prevailing stereotypes, asserting that learners in day schools can excel academically. He emphasizes the need for a change in attitude within the community, urging parents to recognize the capabilities of their children attending day schools.

KCB Foundation’s Scholarships: A Step Towards Equality

The CS delivers his message during a significant event where the KCB Foundation awards 1000 scholarships to deserving learners. This initiative not only supports students financially but also highlights the potential for academic brilliance irrespective of the type of school attended.

Form 1 Admission Challenges: Resource Allocation

As Form Ones report to secondary schools nationwide, Machogu addresses concerns about potential resource shortages in schools due to increased enrollment. He stresses that embracing day schools can alleviate congestion in boarding schools, and the ministry is closely monitoring the admission situation.

Examination Statistics and School Placements

Machogu provides insights into the recent Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results, noting the historic increase in candidates. He discusses the distribution of placements, highlighting the preference for National and Extra County schools and the available capacity in day schools.

Final Thoughts

CS Machogu’s call to embrace day schools echoes the need for a paradigm shift in societal attitudes towards education. By recognizing the achievements of learners in day schools and promoting equality in educational opportunities, Machogu aims to create a more inclusive and balanced educational landscape. The KCB Foundation’s scholarship event serves as a beacon of hope, emphasizing the importance of supporting students across all types of learning institutions. As Form 1 students embark on their educational journey, Machogu’s message resonates as a reminder that excellence knows no school boundaries.


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