Free Tuition Bursaries To Pave the Way for 100% Secondary School Transition in Fafi

Fafi Member of Parliament, Salah Yakub, has initiated a zero tuition fees bursary programme. The move not only reflects Yakub’s commitment to ensuring a 100% transition rate but also holds the potential to enhance overall secondary school enrollment in the Fafi constituency.

A Vision for Education

Yakub’s forward-thinking plan is designed not only to facilitate the smooth transition of students but also to attract increased capitation funding from the government. By eliminating tuition fees, the initiative aims to remove financial barriers that might hinder students from pursuing higher education. Moreover, the ripple effect is expected to stimulate employment opportunities for educators in the region, addressing a critical need for more teachers.

Community-Centric Distribution

Recently, Yakub visited Nanigi Secondary School to personally distribute essential resources to incoming Form 1 students. Uniforms, boxes, mosquito nets, and various equipment were handed out, ensuring that students are adequately prepared for their educational journey. The MP’s hands-on approach underscores a commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment in Fafi.

Milk for Minds: A Nutritional Boost

In a move that goes beyond academic support, Yakub has proposed a free milk programme for primary school pupils in Fafi. Under this initiative, every primary school student will receive two packets of milk per school day. This not only addresses nutritional needs but also emphasizes the holistic development of students, recognizing the crucial role nutrition plays in academic success.

No Student Left Behind

Yakub emphasized that no student in Fafi will face the unfortunate prospect of being sent home due to financial constraints. Presenting cheques to secondary school principals, he reiterated the importance of increasing school enrollment to secure the rightful share of capitation funds. This commitment marks the second consecutive year where no student has been denied access to education due to fees.

Security Concerns: A Plea for Protection

Acknowledging the challenges faced by the region, Yakub urged the government to prioritize security, especially for teachers who have been frequent targets of attacks. This plea reflects the MP’s holistic approach to education, recognizing that a secure environment is fundamental to the success of any educational initiative.

Community Mobilization for Education

Deputy County Commissioner Thomas Bett has thrown his weight behind the initiative, directing local chiefs and assistants to ensure all children in their jurisdictions are enrolled in schools. Warning of consequences for non-compliance, Bett’s directive highlights the collective responsibility in ensuring every child has access to education.

Fafi’s move aligns with broader trends in the Northeastern region, where leaders like Ijara MP Abdi Ali and the Mandera county government have also championed zero school fees programmes. Furthermore, Garissa’s unique sponsorship for students pursuing teaching courses seeks to address the pressing issue of teacher shortages in the region.


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