Kenyan Teacher Millicent Cassianes Nominated Again for Global Teacher Prize

A remarkable teacher, Millicent Cassianes— a dedicated educator–has emerged once more as the beacon of hope and change in her Kenyan community: She has secured a second nomination for the prestigious Global Teacher Prize. She stands now alongside an elite league; this is not merely recognition but also access to substantial funding—an award worth $1 million. In Kenyan currency that equates to Sh147, 800,000—a potential amplifier of impact on those whose lives she serves.

Cassianes’ journey as an educator: it’s undeniably inspirational. She felt a calling–a deep-seated, compassionate desire to improve the lives of children with special needs in her village. These very children existed on society’s fringes; neglected, uneducated and malnourished—they were incredibly vulnerable until she intervened. Devoid of childhood joys, they experienced a daily existence that was a harrowing struggle.

Cassianes distinguishes herself through an unwavering commitment to this marginalized group; she elected the path of special needs education – a choice that led her on a transformative educational journey. Her efforts culminated in earning a diploma, with specialization in learning difficulties, from the Kenya Institute of Special Education. She later pursued a degree in Inclusive Education, Guidance and Counseling at Kenya Methodist University. This academic pursuit equipped her with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance the quality of life for children with special needs.

As an educator, Cassianes dons multiple hats: she imparts knowledge to P1 pupils at Amoyo Primary School; simultaneously–with fervor and dedication–takes on the role of a teacher in Senye Special Unit. Yet it was her profound connection with children possessing special needs that drove her–instilling passion into every step–to found BL Tezza Special School for the Deaf. With only a handful of children, this institution began through her tireless efforts. Not content with just teaching, Cassianes also enrolled in Kenyan sign language tuition; she passionately pursued the discovery of hidden children within her community.

In churches, at meetings with local chiefs and in public forums – she actively employs these platforms for community sensitization sessions; her tools to identify vulnerable children are not limited there: home visits play a crucial role as well. Her record currently holds more than 120 hearing-impaired children under direct care–a testament of unparalleled dedication. Beyond traditional boundaries, her innovative approach extends into education: it is transformative–shaping lives with its impact. Engaging her students in environmental initiatives–tree planting, to be specific–and practical projects like vegetable and poultry farming: this is the approach Cassianes takes. Such undertakings equip her pupils with skills that prove beneficial not just within their academic setting but also extend to home life; a truly empowering strategy indeed!

Millicent Cassianes secures a nomination for the Global Teacher Prize, testifying to her relentless commitment towards inclusive education. Following Peter Tabichi’s historic victory as the first African laureate in 2019; should she clinch this prestigious award – they will collectively underscore and exemplify Kenyan educators’ remarkable influence on an international scale.

More than merely recognizing exceptional educators, the Global Teacher Prize underscores: it emphasizes – the pivotal role that teachers actively perform in shaping society’s future. This year’s nominees; among them is Cassianes – not only an educator but also a staunch advocate for inclusivity and children’s rights. These champions of change integrate migrants into their classrooms; they nurture not just academic talents, but also bolster self-confidence within their students—a profound act with ripple effects extending beyond individual lives to impact entire communities.

Millicent Cassianes, an extraordinary educator who embodies resilience, compassion and dedication–qualities that define exceptional teachers; serves as Kenya’s beacon of inspiration. Her nomination for the Global Teacher Prize stands not just as a well-deserved acknowledgement: it is recognition–a spotlight on her remarkable contributions to the field of teaching coupled with unwavering commitment towards crafting brighter futures for all children – irrespective their challenges or circumstances.


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