KUPPET Backs Proposal for Sick Students to Sit Exams After Recovery

The Kilifi branch teachers’ association of the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) took a significant step by endorsing a proposal allowing sick students to sit for exams after recovery. This proposition, championed by Julius Melly – Chairman for Education Committee at National Assembly, suggests allowing sick students to recuperate entirely before sitting their national exams instead of conducting these assessments in hospital settings. The aim behind this initiative is tackling difficulties that arise when students fall ill during exam seasons.

Based on the principles of fairness and empathy, Melly presents an argument: imposing the stress of exams on ailing students confined to hospital beds is unreasonable. He extends this sentiment further-young mothers who have recently given birth should also receive fair opportunities. Melly advocates the adoption of a more compassionate and practical approach, which would permit these students to achieve full recovery prior to their examinations.

In his articulation of a stance during an early September visit to Mitihani House, Melly posited: “Certain students may be unwell; others could have recently given birth – factors demanding reevaluation in our policy. It is untenable to administer exams to those hospitalized or suffering illness.” Engaging in a discourse with individuals who have recently given birth, we explore potential remedies for not being able to administer exams during this period. Specifically, our discussion revolves around the possibility of future testing and investigates feasible recourses for such cases.

Opollo K’Opollo, Chairman of the KUPPET Kilifi Teachers branch association, endorses the proposal that has earned widespread support. He acknowledges – and rightly so – the difficulties students face when attempting to complete their exams in hospital wards; these include not only strain but also significant discomfort.

K’Opollo, in addition, urges the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) to guarantee timely delivery of national examinations–particularly critical given the expected El-Nino rains; he underscores this need for efficient logistics management. It is essential that adverse weather conditions do not disrupt exam schedules: a call warranting urgent attention and action.

This year, Kenya will administer three national examinations: the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA)–specifically for Grade 6 students; then follows it with The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE); and finally concludes with The KCSE or simply known as the “Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. As for the KCSE exams — they are set to start on October 23rd, ending on November 24th. In order to guarantee a fair and conducive environment for all students–smooth preparations must be in place.


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