President Ruto Warns Against Exploitation of Parents Over Capitation Delays

In a recent address during a church service in Teso, Busia County, President William Ruto cautioned school managers against taking advantage of parents by falsely claiming delayed capitation. The president affirmed that the government had disbursed a total of Sh62 billion in January, including Sh10 billion allocated for bursaries, to support educational institutions at various levels, including primary schools, secondary schools, university schools, and tertiary institutions.

Key points highlighted by President Ruto:

  1. Release of Funds:
    • The government released Sh62 billion, with a specific allocation of Sh10 billion for bursaries, demonstrating its commitment to supporting education across different institutions.
  2. Access to Education:
    • President Ruto emphasized the government’s dedication to ensuring access to education for every Kenyan child.
  3. Warning to School Managers:
    • School managers were warned not to exploit parents by falsely claiming that the government had not released funds.
    • President Ruto categorically stated that Sh62 billion had been disbursed to primary schools, secondary schools, TVET institutions, and for bursaries.
  4. Sanctions for Sabotage:
    • Those in the education sector who sabotage the government’s plan may face sanctions.
  5. Focus on Bursaries:
    • Funding set aside for bursaries is intended to benefit students from humble backgrounds who are struggling to pay school fees.
  6. Confirmation by National Assembly Majority Leader:
    • National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah confirmed the disbursement of funds under the National Government Constituency Development Funding (NG-CDF) to support bursaries.
    • He dismissed rumors of an anticipated rise in school fees, asserting that the Treasury had already disbursed the money.
  7. Ministry of Education Assurance:
    • The Ministry of Education, through Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang, confirmed the release of school capitation on January 8.
    • PS Kipsang assured schools, headteachers, and principals that capitations had been released and resources would be available for payment.

President Ruto’s strong stance against the exploitation of parents aligns with the government’s commitment to providing financial support for education, particularly for students facing financial challenges. The emphasis on transparency and timely disbursement of funds aims to alleviate concerns within the education sector.


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