The Role of Education Beyond Infrastructure: Insights from Embu Director of Education


Kipruto Kosgei, the Director of Education in Embu County, challenges the conventional wisdom that infrastructure alone dictates academic success. In his recent address at Kiamuringa Low Cost Boarding School, he emphasizes the importance of hard work, personalized guidance, and early career planning in shaping students’ academic journeys.

Quick Summary:

  • Director Kosgei asserts that infrastructure isn’t the sole determinant of academic performance.
  • Encourages students to focus on personal effort and career alignment rather than relying solely on facilities.
  • Advocates for mentorship and collaboration between students, guardians, and teachers to identify individual strengths and career pathways.

Beyond Brick and Mortar: A Paradigm Shift in Education:

Kosgei’s remarks challenge the prevailing notion that well-equipped facilities guarantee academic success. Instead, he highlights the crucial role of personal initiative and academic direction in shaping students’ futures. By shifting the focus from infrastructure to individual effort, Kosgei promotes a holistic approach to education that prioritizes student empowerment and self-discovery.

Learning from Experience:

Kosgei’s own journey serves as a compelling example of perseverance and eventual academic success. His disclosure of repeating classes in lower primary school underscores the importance of resilience and continuous improvement. By sharing his story, Kosgei inspires students to overcome setbacks and strive for excellence, irrespective of past performance.

The Power of Mentorship:

Acknowledging the pivotal role of teachers and guardians, Kosgei emphasizes the need for collaborative mentorship to guide students towards suitable career paths. By fostering close relationships between educators, students, and guardians, Kosgei advocates for personalized support systems that nurture individual talents and aspirations.

Maximizing Educational Opportunities:

Kosgei encourages students to leverage improved facilities, such as the newly inaugurated girls’ dormitory, as conducive environments for academic growth. By emphasizing the importance of evening studies and teacher-student interaction, he underscores the value of utilizing resources effectively to enhance learning outcomes.


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