TSC Transfers 12 Teachers in Bungoma Amidst Allegations of Inciting Students Against Principals


In a recent development in Bungoma County, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has taken decisive action by transferring 12 teachers from various schools. The move comes amidst allegations of these educators inciting students against their principals. This development underscores the critical issue of maintaining discipline and harmony within educational institutions.

Quick Summary:

Unraveling the Situation:

Bungoma County TSC Director, Wilson Koros, has disclosed the transfer of a dozen teachers from different schools within the region. The catalyst for these transfers is the grave accusation of these educators inciting students against their school principals. This revelation, made during a gathering at Maliki Boys High School, signifies a proactive stance by the TSC in addressing internal challenges within educational institutions.

Investigative Measures:

Koros, in his address, emphasized the commission’s commitment to holding individuals accountable for their actions. He highlighted the recent spate of school unrests, attributing them directly to teachers who incited students. The commission’s decision to transfer these educators underscores the severity of the situation and aims to curtail any further disruptions to the academic environment.

Contextualizing Past Incidents:

This isn’t the first time Bungoma County has grappled with unrest within its educational institutions. Last year witnessed approximately 30 schools facing student unrest, accompanied by reports of harassment targeting non-local teachers. These incidents, reminiscent of past challenges, spotlight the persistent issue of maintaining order and professionalism within schools.

Addressing Root Causes:

Koros, reflecting on past occurrences, linked the unrest to broader issues such as delocalization and internal conflicts within school management structures. The demand for administrative positions by returning teachers and conflicts between teachers and school principals under Boards of Management (BoMs) exacerbate tensions within the educational landscape.

Forward-Looking Measures:

In light of these challenges, Koros urged school principals to actively identify and report individuals whose actions undermine institutional stability. This proactive approach seeks to foster a culture of accountability and collaboration within the educational framework, ensuring that all stakeholders uphold the values of professionalism and integrity.

Potential Impact:

The TSC’s decisive action in transferring the implicated teachers sends a clear message regarding the commission’s zero-tolerance policy towards misconduct within the education sector. By addressing the root causes of unrest and promoting accountability, this initiative aims to restore confidence in the educational system and safeguard the well-being of students and staff alike.


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