TSC Announces Release of Teacher Promotion Letters: What You Need to Know


Exciting news awaits teachers across Kenya as the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) gears up to release promotional letters to successful candidates who attended interviews last year. This announcement, made by TSC Chairman Dr. Jamleck Muturi during a recent Annual Delegates Meeting for Mwalimu National Sacco, marks a significant milestone in the professional growth of educators nationwide.

Quick Summary:

  • TSC to send promotional letters to 36,505 successful teachers.
  • Process of updating payroll to commence immediately after letter dispatch.
  • Over 51,000 teachers promoted from March last year to February this year.
  • Recruitment of 20,000 teachers promised for the current financial year.

Anticipation Builds

With anticipation mounting among primary school teachers who attended promotional interviews in December last year, the delay in releasing results has been a source of anxiety. However, Dr. Muturi’s assurance that the Commission has finalized all processes related to the promotion of 36,505 teachers brings much-needed relief and hope for these educators.

Expedited Payroll Updates

Following the dispatch of promotional letters starting March 4, 2024, TSC is set to expedite the process of updating the payroll for the promoted teachers. This initiative aims to ensure that teachers promptly receive their enhanced salaries commensurate with their new grades, thereby acknowledging their dedication and hard work in the field of education.

Massive Promotions Undertaken

The magnitude of TSC’s efforts in promoting teachers is noteworthy, with over 51,000 teachers elevated to higher positions from March last year to February this year. This concerted endeavor underscores TSC’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence within the teaching profession, thereby motivating educators to continually strive for professional growth and development.

Comprehensive Recruitment Plans

In addition to promoting existing teachers, TSC has pledged to address staffing needs by recruiting 20,000 teachers during the current financial year. This proactive approach not only ensures adequate staffing levels in schools but also creates opportunities for aspiring educators to contribute meaningfully to the education sector.


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