TSC to Recruit 20,000 Teachers for Junior Schools

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is set to commence the recruitment of additional teachers to address severe shortages in junior secondary schools. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

Recruitment Details:

  1. Commencement Date:
    • The recruitment is scheduled to start next month, with advertisements for at least 20,000 teaching positions.
  2. Teacher Shortages:
  3. KCSE Results Announcement:

Government Allocation and Funding:

  1. Funds Allocation:
    • President William Ruto confirmed that the government would allocate Sh19.7 billion to TSC to recruit more teachers.
    • The funds were made available through the supplementary budget approved by the National Assembly.
  2. Budget Increase:
    • Ruto mentioned that the budget to TSC increased by Sh20 billion to facilitate the hiring of additional teachers.
    • The goal is to address the shortage and ensure quality education for all students.
  3. Recent Recruitment Achievements:
    • Over the past year, the government, under the Kenya Kwanza administration, employed 35,790 new teachers.
    • Notable recruitment numbers include 9,000 permanent and pensionable teachers for junior secondary schools and 21,365 intern teachers for junior schools.
  4. Change in Recruitment Approach:
    • The current recruitment drive represents a departure from the previous administration’s approach, which hired approximately 5,000 teachers annually.
    • President Ruto emphasized the unprecedented nature of the recruitment, aiming to ensure every child in Kenya has access to quality education.
  5. Government’s Education Commitment:
    • President Ruto, in a July statement, expressed the government’s commitment to hiring 35,000 teachers, with an additional 25,000 planned by August.
    • The goal is to enhance the quality of education and address staffing challenges in schools.

Final Thoughts

The TSC’s initiative to recruit 20,000 teachers for junior schools reflects a strategic response to address critical shortages and enhance the quality of education in Kenya. The government’s increased budget allocation underscores its commitment to investing in the education sector, ensuring that every child has access to well-qualified teachers. The move aligns with broader efforts to improve education outcomes and infrastructure across the country.


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