TSC Urges Parents to Trust Disciplinary Process, Avoid Forceful Ejection of Teachers

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has issued a plea to parents, urging them not to forcibly eject under-performing teachers from schools. Instead, the TSC emphasizes the need to trust the disciplinary process in place, allowing the Commission to exercise its constitutional mandate in addressing under-performing educators. This article highlights the key points discussed during a meeting between TSC management and Western region leaders, where TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia emphasized the shared responsibility of academic performance and discouraged singling out teachers for blame.

TSC’s Message to Parents

  • The TSC strongly advises against forcefully ejecting under-performing teachers, emphasizing the Commission’s commitment to disciplining teachers who do not meet performance standards.
  • Dr. Nancy Macharia, TSC CEO, emphasizes the Commission’s measures for appraising teachers‘ performance and assures that appropriate action will be taken against those who fail to meet standards.

Shared Responsibility for Academic Performance

  • Dr. Macharia underscores that academic performance is a shared responsibility between teachers and communities. Blaming teachers solely for poor results is discouraged.
  • The plea urges communities and stakeholders to collaborate with teachers in local schools to ensure the desired academic performance, fostering a supportive environment.

TSC’s Decision to Transfer Teachers

  • Dr. Macharia explains the decision to transfer 17 teachers from St Gabriel Isongo Secondary School, stating it was to protect the teachers’ lives, conduct investigations, and allow the community to implement measures to prevent future incidents.
  • The transfer aims to address the unfriendly environment and potential threats to the safety of teachers in the community.

Resolution and Apologies

  • TSC acknowledges apologies from the political leadership of Kakamega County regarding the incident. Dr. Macharia announces that the 17 teachers will be posted back to the school promptly.
  • To ensure normal teaching and learning activities resume, the Commission will post 17 trained and registered teachers to St Gabriel Isongo Secondary School.

Final Thoughts

The TSC’s plea to parents emphasizes the importance of trusting the disciplinary process and avoiding confrontations with teachers. The shared responsibility for academic performance highlights the need for collaboration between communities and teachers. The decision to transfer teachers from St Gabriel Isongo Secondary School is explained as a measure to safeguard their well-being and ensure a conducive teaching environment. The TSC remains committed to addressing performance issues through established procedures, promoting a harmonious relationship between educators and communities.


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