Chavakali High School’s KCSE 2023/2024 Triumph: A Detailed Analysis of Results, Rankings, and Location

Chavakali High School, nestled in the heart of Vihiga County, has once again proven its mettle as a top-performing national school in the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations. This article provides a comprehensive analysis of Chavakali High School’s results, highlighting grades distribution, rankings, and key details about the school’s location and category.

School Overview:

Chavakali High School, categorized as an Extra County Boys’ School, stands as a beacon of academic excellence in the Western region. The school’s commitment to nurturing young minds is evident in its consistent performance on the national stage.

Location and Category:

Situated in Chavakali, Vihiga County, Chavakali High School holds a significant place in the educational landscape of the region. As an Extra County Boys’ School, it plays a crucial role in providing quality education to students beyond its immediate locality.

KCSE 2023 Results Overview:

In the latest KCSE examinations, Chavakali High School continues to uphold its reputation with impressive results. The school secured a national ranking of 193, a testament to its dedication to academic excellence. The mean score of 7.912 points, equivalent to a B-{minus} grade, reflects the students’ collective effort and the school’s commitment to maintaining high academic standards.

Grades Distribution:

Chavakali High School’s success is further illustrated by the distribution of grades among its candidates. A majority of students achieved a commendable mean grade of C+ (plus) and above, paving the way for their entrance into universities in 2024. The breakdown of grades is as follows:

  • A (Plain): 2
  • A- (Minus): 29
  • B+ (Plus): 64
  • B (Plain): 113
  • B- (Minus): 121
  • C+ (Plus): 88
  • C (Plain): 73
  • C- (Minus): 33
  • D+ (Plus): 10
  • D (Plain): 2
  • D- (Minus): 0
  • E: 0

The high number of students achieving upper-tier grades underscores Chavakali High School’s commitment to holistic education and academic excellence.

Implications for the Community:

For the residents of Vihiga County and the wider Western region, Chavakali High School’s continued success serves as a source of pride and inspiration. The school’s contribution to shaping the academic landscape not only benefits the students directly involved but also uplifts the community as a whole.


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