Inaugural Eliud Owalo Foundation-Sponsored Schools Tournament Set to Kick Off in Kisumu

A vibrant display of talent and competitive spirit awaits as twenty-six schools gear up for the inaugural Eliud Owalo Foundation-sponsored schools tournament, scheduled to take place in Kisumu next week. This two-day event, slated to be held at prominent venues including Maseno School, Kisumu Girls, Kisumu Boys, and Kenyatta Sports Ground courts, promises to be a celebration of sportsmanship and skill.

Diverse Participation and Exciting Competition

Drawing participation from thirteen top boys’ and thirteen top girls’ schools across Kisumu, Homa Bay, Siaya, Kisii, Nyamira, and Migori counties, the tournament epitomizes regional diversity and athletic prowess. With a total of 390 enthusiastic participants representing Nyanza schools, the stage is set for thrilling matches and memorable performances.

Fostering Talent and Academic Opportunities

Beyond the thrill of competition, these tournaments serve a broader purpose of talent identification and nurturing. By providing a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills, the Eliud Owalo Foundation aims to pave the way for potential recruitment and opportunities for academic sports scholarships. Through sports, the foundation endeavors to empower youth, foster healthy competition, and promote unity within communities.

Patronage and Support

Under the patronage of ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo, the foundation’s commitment to sports development and community empowerment shines through. With a track record of supporting various sports teams, including Gor Mahia FC, AFC Leopards SC, and the national basketball team, Morans, the foundation continues to make significant contributions to Kenya’s sporting landscape. The donation of playing kits and sustained support for grassroots teams underscore the foundation’s dedication to uplifting lives through sports.

Participating Teams

The participating schools represent a rich tapestry of talent from across the region:

  • Homa Bay County: Agoro Sare, Ototo Boys, Ototo Girls, Asumbi Girls.
  • Nyamira County: Manga Girls, Sironga Girls, Nyansiongo Boys, Ekenyoro Tech Boys.
  • Kisii County: Kisii High, Nyanchwa Boys, Sengera Girls, Kereri Girls.
  • Siaya County: Maranda Boys, Usenge High, Barchao Girls, Ngiya Girls.
  • Kisumu County: Maseno School, Onjiko High, Kisumu Boys, Nyakach Girls, Sinyolo Girls.


As the excitement builds and preparations reach a crescendo, the Eliud Owalo Foundation-sponsored schools tournament emerges as a beacon of hope and opportunity for young athletes in Nyanza. With a focus on talent development, academic empowerment, and community engagement, these tournaments embody the transformative power of sports in shaping futures and fostering unity. As participants take to the courts, they not only compete for glory but also carry the dreams and aspirations of their communities, united in the pursuit of excellence.


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