NTSA Hosts Free Medical Camp for School Bus Drivers in Nairobi


In a proactive move towards enhancing road safety, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has partnered with various stakeholders to organize a free medical camp targeting school bus drivers within the Nairobi metropolitan area. This initiative, aptly named the ‘Usalama Barabarani Medical Camp,’ underscores NTSA’s commitment to prioritizing the health and well-being of both drivers and passengers, particularly children traversing the roads.

Quick Summary:

  • NTSA collaborates with stakeholders to host a free medical camp for school bus drivers in Nairobi.
  • Event, titled ‘Usalama Barabarani Medical Camp,’ to take place at Parklands Primary School.
  • European Union (EU) key sponsor of the program, aimed at promoting road safety.
  • Partners include Chiromo Hospital, St John Ambulance, Vivo Energy, and others.
  • NTSA urges school heads and principals to mobilize drivers for the event.

Promoting Road Safety Through Health Initiatives

Scheduled for Saturday, March 2, the ‘Usalama Barabarani Medical Camp’ is a testament to NTSA’s proactive approach in promoting road safety through health interventions. By offering free medical services to school bus drivers, NTSA aims to ensure that drivers are in optimal health, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of children commuting to and from school.

Key Partnerships and Sponsorship

The European Union (EU) stands as a pivotal sponsor of this program, highlighting the significance of international collaboration in addressing road safety challenges. Additionally, NTSA has forged partnerships with esteemed institutions such as Chiromo Hospital, St John Ambulance, Vivo Energy, and others, underscoring a collective effort to safeguard the well-being of drivers and passengers alike.

Mobilizing School Communities

NTSA Director General, Njao, issued a call to action to school heads and principals across the city, urging them to mobilize their respective drivers to participate in the medical camp. This grassroots mobilization effort is essential in ensuring maximum participation and reaching the intended beneficiaries effectively.


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