TSC Field Officers Call for Fair Promotion Amid Disparity with MoE Counterparts


The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) field officers have raised concerns regarding the disparity in promotions between themselves and their counterparts at the Ministry of Education (MoE). While MoE recently upgraded several positions, including Sub-County Directors of Education (SCDEs) and County Directors of Education (CDEs), TSC field officers are left wondering why they have not received similar treatment from their employer.

Quick Summary:

  • TSC field officers appeal for fair promotion akin to MoE counterparts.
  • Recent promotions at MoE create disparity between the two entities.
  • TSC officers question lack of advocacy from their employer.
  • Concerns raised over differences in salary, employment terms, and resource allocation.

Disparity in Promotions and Resources

The recent automatic promotions at MoE, including elevating SCDEs and CDEs to higher job groups, have left TSC field officers feeling overlooked and undervalued. While MoE officers bask in the joy of recognition and reward, TSC officers find themselves grappling with a sense of injustice and frustration over the lack of similar opportunities for advancement.

Lack of Advocacy and Fair Treatment

TSC field officers lament the perceived lack of advocacy and support from their employer in addressing the disparity in promotions. They question why officers working for the same government and performing similar roles should earn different salaries and enjoy disparate employment terms. Additionally, concerns are raised regarding resource allocation, with TSC officers operating on minimal resources compared to their MoE counterparts who recently received vehicles to aid in their duties.

Calls for Immediate Action

The discontent among TSC field officers extends beyond promotions to broader issues such as employment terms and the perceived lack of transparency in promotion processes. Some officers advocate for TSC to be taken over by MoE once again, citing previous arrangements where they enjoyed more favorable employment terms. Additionally, questions are raised about the efficacy of re-designation interviews, with officers expressing frustration over the lack of tangible outcomes despite repeated rounds of interviews.


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